In the first season of Narcos, Paulina Matos’s character Edith Ballesteros was introduced as Leonardo’s assistant and friend, who had worked with him since their days together in the military at the end of the 70s. When Alma (Leonardo’s wife) sees them together, she becomes suspicious and begins to believe that they are having an affair, which leads to the tension that you see throughout the rest of the season. Is this suspicion justified or is Alma just paranoid? Is Paulina Matos Leonardo’s Assistant or His Mistress?

Was she his mistress or was she his assistant?

When Edith Ballesteros first appeared on Elite, she was identified as an assistant to Leonardo Dominguez. But some viewers saw more than employer-employee chemistry between them. The stars of Elite are well aware of those suspicions and have opinions on whether they think Edith is romantically involved with her boss, though they’re keeping their lips sealed until fans learn more on screen.

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Everything you need to know about season 2

season 2 of Cuéntame cómo pasó starts September 1, 2015! Have you watched season 1 yet? If not, here’s everything you need to know. Trust us, these episodes will leave you wanting more. For a quick catch-up on what happened in season 1, take a look at our online summary. Are you ready for new episodes to arrive? Here’s why we think it’s going to be another great season

Is Paulina Matos Leonardo's Assistant or His Mistress?
Is Paulina Matos Leonardo’s Assistant or His Mistress?

Why are people theorizing that Paulina is actually Edith Blázquez

One of the biggest story lines for those who have watched Devious Maids from its first season is whether Edith Blázquez (Paulina Matos) is actually in a romantic relationship with her boss, Leo Mercado (Ramón Rodríguez). At face value, there seems to be nothing out of ordinary about their relationship. The two act as business associates: they meet at work and discuss business issues while socializing outside of work in nearly every episode.

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When will season 2 air?

As of now, there is no official release date for season 2 of Sin Senos no Hay Paraiso . It will likely air sometime in 2013. If a date is announced, we’ll update you on what to expect!

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