Stranger Things fans know that there’s always one person in the cast that stands out – whether it’s Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, David Harbour as Chief Jim Hopper, or Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers. In Season 3, the standout was definitely Brett Gelman as Murray Bauman, conspiracy theorist and private investigator extraordinaire. His outlandish outfits, wild hair and even wilder theories became the highlight of each episode he appeared in – so much so that fans began wondering if he might be the next big breakout character for Stranger Things . Is Murray Bauman the New Key to Stranger Things?

Murray Bauman: The Man Behind The Coffee

While most viewers may think that Murray is a fictional character in Stranger Things, there actually was a real life private investigator named Murray who used to hang out at local Los Angeles bars and hand out cards with his name on them. That man was Brett Gelman. Brett Gelman plays a recurring role as an over-the-top and annoying conspiracy theorist called Murray Bauman on Stranger Things. As it turns out, his character is based off of an actual person who would hand out cards in Los Angeles while drinking at local bars.

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Dustin & Steve Talk To The Star Of One Of The Best Episodes In ‘Stranger Things’ History

Brett Gelman Talks Brett Murray Gelman has become one of our favorite recurring actors in ‘Stranger Things’ history as private investigator, conspiracy theorist and long time friend of Hopper’s, Mr. Bauman.

Is Murray Bauman the New Key to Stranger Things?
Is Murray Bauman the New Key to Stranger Things?

We chatted with him about Dustin & Steve’s role in his investigation, what he thinks will happen next season and how much Mr. Clarke appreciates his cappuccino machine.

5 Reasons You Should Start Watching ‘Stranger Things’ Right Now

The most obvious reason to start watching Stranger Things is because it’s a good show—and since it came out in 2016, you probably missed it. Netflix started off 2017 by releasing two more seasons of Stranger Things and just like season 1, they deliver on all fronts. There are eight episodes in total (as opposed to nine), so you can binge season 2 over a long weekend (it’s 4–5 hours). The pace is somewhat similar but there are a few welcome differences: Season 2 starts at almost 100 miles per hour and stays that way throughout. If you’re paying attention, though, there are no filler episodes and any detours have purpose.

What Happened To Mike Wheeler And Will Byers On ‘Stranger Things’?

We finally know what happened in between seasons 1 and 2. By Sarah Grant, Dec 13, 2017. Netflix’s drama follows a group of kids on their quest to find their friend Will (Noah Schnapp), who has gone missing under mysterious circumstances. In Season 2, that friend is still nowhere to be found; in fact, we never even see him alive again. After looking into some more strange things, Murray comes up with an explanation for what happened in between seasons 1 and 2: The Upside Down grew stronger because it was feeding off of Will’s rage. When Eleven’s powers first started showing themselves back in season 1, she had no control over them — they scared her into submission.

Is Murray Bauman the New Key to Stranger Things?
Is Murray Bauman the New Key to Stranger Things?

Why Is There So Much References To ‘Star Wars’ In ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3?

The reference was so subtle, many might have missed it. In a recent episode of Stranger Things Season 3, we finally got to see what season 2 teased — Joyce Byers and Hopper having an intimate relationship. But something else went down in that episode that has got people talking: Has Joyce taken over from Eleven as another key player in Stranger Things? Is she a baddie? And why are there so many Star Wars references lately in Stranger Things? Let’s try and decode it all for you!

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8 Ways For Fans Of Stranger Things To Spend An Evening In Hawkins, Indiana

Season 3 of Stranger Things, and Netflix’s most successful show in recent years, has generated a plethora of theories for fans who can’t get enough. From Barb to Mind Flayer creatures and more, there is a lot for fans to discuss. One character that has generated debate among diehard fans is Murray Bauman (played by actor Brett Gelman). He may not be as prominent a character as Will Byers or Joyce Byers, but he does figure into many key moments from Season 1, 2 and 3.

10 Craziest ‘Stranger Things’ Fan Theories That Actually Came True In Season 3

How many of these crazy fan theories did you guess correctly? From a murderous Dungeons & Dragons game to a life-altering love affair, fans were eager to get creative with their predictions. Now that Season 3 is here, they can finally see how close they got. It’s never too early to start speculating on what’ll happen in season 4, right?

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9 Best TV Shows And Movies That Are Opening This Month

After last night’s huge premiere, everyone is talking about what new character was introduced in Season 4. We’re getting another hint from an old friend of Hopper’s – conspiracy theorist Murray Bauman. And honestly, I think he might be an important piece of finding Will Byers. Although most fans are just thinking about him as a way to solve Will’s disappearance, it seems like there is something bigger at play here.

Will Murray Bauman be in Stranger Things 4?

Showrunner Matt Duffer recently revealed that a number of minor characters from past seasons will be getting bigger roles in season 4. One such character is conspiracy theorist Murray Bauman. Played by Brett Gelman, Bauman has proven a fan favorite since first appearing in season 2 and has since made appearances in each of the last two seasons. It seems likely that he will return once more with new screen time, but there is no confirmation of it yet.

Why did Nancy and Jonathan go to Murray?

David Harbour, who plays Police Chief Jim Hopper, revealed at Comic-Con that Nancy and Jonathan will go see their old friend Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman) in season 4. So what’s his deal, and why do they need him? Here’s a look at who he is and how he fits into things.

Is Brett Gelman fluent in Russian?

He is not fluent in Russian but can fake his way through a conversation. He learned a few lines from ‘The Big Lebowski’ where he speaks Russian with Sam Elliot’s character and has translated some YouTube videos. How did you get involved with Strangers Things?: I got involved with Strangers Things by being friends with one of its producers, Shawn Levy, who asked me if I wanted to be on it.

Is Brett Gelman married?

Brett Gelman, 49, was once married to actress/director Sarah Burns. The pair got hitched in 2011 and have a son together named Gus. They officially filed for divorce in 2016, with Gelman citing irreconcilable differences as their reason for separating. In 2017, they reportedly started dating again. And then they split up again in 2018, just months after getting engaged! So there’s that…

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