Is It Cake? Review- Is It Cake? came out March 18, 2022 on Netflix. The hosts are Mikey Day and Tanika Ray. The executive producers are Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz, who also produced shows like Epic Meal Empire (the series they made before Is It Cake?), Ugly Delicious, and Nailed It!. The judges are Mikey Day, Tanika Ray, Ayesha Curry, and Emily Ratajkowski. They test people to see if they can tell the difference between cake or not cake based on sight, smell, taste, and touch. Is It Cake? Review

A history of cake in pop culture Is It Cake? Review

The history of cake on television is an unlikely one. From Andy Warhol’s avant-garde performance art in Eat to Mikey Day’s documentary Cake: A Sweet History, confection has long been a vital form of self-expression and reflection. But who knew it could be so addicting to watch others eat cake for 30 minutes? The time flew by.

How Is It Cake is made Is It Cake? Review

A full episode of Is It Cake? has three different sections. First, there’s a 60-second round where a chef is given an arbitrary object and has to describe what it would be if it were cake. Then there’s a 90-second round where two chefs are asked to make cakes out of random ingredients that they can only see for 20 seconds at a time. Finally, there’s a one-minute last cake standing segment in which chefs are challenged with making cakes out of random objects like pinecones or stuffed animals. Is It Cake? Review

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The reaction Is It Cake? Review

Is It Cake?, which premieres March 18 on Netflix, follows Cutforth and Lipsitz’s successful American reality television series competition format in which contestants compete for a $100,000 prize. The secret ingredient each episode is cake. Contestants have to make cakes that look like things that are not cakes. The winner of each round gets to advance in the tournament while losers are eliminated until there is one winner left who wins $100,000. Contestants must be able to identify what things are not cakes as well as make edible things that look like non-edible items.

Other shows about food cooked differently

Food gets cooked in different ways. One thing that’s not really done much is cooking cake using fruit and other ingredients. That’s exactly what Is it Cake does with Mikey Day as host. Now, I know that cooking can be a bit risky because you never know what will happen but on Is it Cake it shows so many ways to cook things that are different from how we usually do them.

Why you should watch this show Is It Cake? Review

First, Is It Cake? is unique. I’ve never seen a show quite like it on TV. In its own way, it’s exciting and fun—it has a positive energy and excitement to it that will get you hooked from episode one. And second, from a format perspective, it does what Netflix does best: delivers an entirely new way of viewing content.

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Is It Cake? — The New Netflix TV Show That’s All About Food

We’ve seen them all. The Food Network, the Cooking Channel, even reality shows with chefs as the main characters. And we love them all, because what’s better than sitting down with friends or family to enjoy some great food? So when Netflix announced Is It Cake?, I was intrigued. I already watch Netflix more than any other TV network, so why not watch a new show about food on Netflix? But Is It Cake? isn’t just another cooking show — it’s something much bigger and better!

For fans of Chopped

There’s a new show on Netflix that has you covered, and it’s just as much fun to watch as a food show. Is It Cake?, created by Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz, is an all-new cooking competition series that brings some of America’s most talented bakers together to see who can make epic confections out of some unlikely ingredients.

For people who love cake decorating

Fondant, icing, buttercream: These are just a few of my favorite things—all three of which you’ll find on Is It Cake?, a new reality cooking competition show airing exclusively on Netflix. Personally, I can think of few better ways to spend an evening than watching amateur bakers compete for cash prizes and bragging rights in front of host Mikey Day, but it doesn’t stop there.

Is It Cake? Review
Is It Cake? Review

For those who hate to bake

A game show about food is actually a great idea. This new show on Netflix gives amateur chefs a chance to win money by showcasing their cooking skills to professional judges. They focus on recipes that are easy and fun, which makes it an entertaining way to learn how to cook without feeling like you’re in culinary school. If your idea of a good time is hanging out with friends and eating delicious food, then give Is It Cake? a try.

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For foodies

If you’re a foodie and have always dreamed of becoming a professional chef but don’t want to go through all of those cooking school classes and demanding hours of training, then Is It Cake? is right up your alley. This new show that debuted on March 18th features 12 amateur chefs competing against each other in themed rounds where they must identify if an item is a food or not.

For anyone who wants to be shocked/amused

a television show about food where there are two teams of one person each, tasked with cooking an item that was asked for. To determine if it’s cake or not, they must ask three judges (played by comedians Mikey Day, Loni Love and Rory Scovel) to see if they can guess which side is cake and which is icing. This idea came out of nowhere and is 100% genius. I love it!

To answer the question Is it cake?

one could first use a fork to scoop up a cake sample and then place it in their mouth. If they find out that it is cake, they can easily say that it is. However, if they are not sure whether or not it is cake, then tasting would be one of the next steps. Before saying that something is cake, you need to confirm that there are no raisins, peanuts or chocolate chips inside of it.

Each episode is approximately 40 minutes

there are six rounds in each episode and with 10 contestants, it works out to an hour and 20 minutes of show. Each contestant is partnered with a professional chef who can help them prepare for all of their challenges.

No. in
TitleOriginal air date
1“Fast-Food Fakeout”March 18, 2022
2“Phony Fashion”March 18, 2022
3“Fake by the Ocean”March 18, 2022
4“Imposter in Aisle 5”March 18, 2022
5“Cake Crashers”March 18, 2022
6“Garage Mirage”March 18, 2022
7“Toying Around”March 18, 2022
8“Winner Fakes All!”March 18, 2022

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