How to watch it now (streaming) If you don’t mind paying for a commercial-free experience, then Netflix is where it’s at. You can easily binge watch all 62 episodes with your subscription, and if you start today, you’ll finish in time to catch up on Better Call Saul in 2015.

Is Breaking Bad the best show ever?
Is Breaking Bad the best show ever?

Top 5 Reasons to Watch Breaking Bad

If you’re not watching Breaking Bad and the first reason to watch listed here isn’t enough to convince you, I don’t know what will. The AMC series follows high school chemistry teacher Walter White as he transforms from an innocent man fighting terminal cancer into an evil drug lord known as Heisenberg who uses his trade to destroy the lives of everyone around him. From Bryan Cranston (Malcolm in the Middle) to Aaron Paul (Tucker and Dale vs Evil), Breaking Bad features a stellar cast that makes this gritty, dark drama so entertaining to watch.

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1) Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman

Jesse is a young man who was once a small-time drug dealer, until his partner killed an innocent bystander during a drug deal. Desperate to keep himself out of jail, Jesse becomes a meth cook for Walter White and later forms an unlikely friendship with him. His impulsive behavior often puts him at odds with Walt’s goals, but he is always there when Walt needs help or support. Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) has become one of my favorite characters in television history!

2) Walter White’s Transformation

Walter White is one of television’s most complex characters. He has been called one of TV’s greatest antiheroes. No matter how dark his actions become, there are reasons for it all. Walt is a character who thinks he does everything for his family but realizes that he does it all for himself. The writers behind Breaking Bad have crafted an amazing character arc for Walter White, and it’s one you should experience at least once in your life.

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3) Unpredictable Storyline

As much as we all try, we can’t predict what will happen in life. However, with AMC’s hit show Breaking Bad, you never know who will live or die. It is an unexpected show that keeps us coming back for more!

4) High Quality Acting

Breaking Bad is filled with high-quality acting. The show has won five Golden Globe Awards and sixteen Primetime Emmy Awards, including three consecutive wins for Outstanding Drama Series. Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston have both been nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, winning it twice; Anna Gunn has been nominated four times for her work on Breaking Bad and has won twice.

5) Cinematography

While it’s true that Vince Gilligan created a visually stunning television series, he didn’t do it alone. Cinematographer Michael Slovis deserves much of the credit for successfully translating Gilligan’s creative vision into reality. His camerawork is exceptional, and each episode possesses a unique feel thanks to his artistic decision-making. Slovis truly makes Breaking Bad look like an event television series. The result is a show that nearly everyone can watch with interest and excitement.

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