A young and promising actor, Luke David Blumm is making waves in Hollywood with his natural acting style. We had the chance to talk to him about how he landed his first role, what inspires him and what he loves about being on set. Here are some excerpts from the interview , Introducing Luke David Blumm: The Young Actor Making Waves in Hollywood

A day in the life of Luke

Luke wakes up at 6am and he reads a book. After breakfast, he goes to the park and plays on the swings or slides. At 4pm, he has his piano lesson for an hour before dinner. After dinner, he does his homework for two hours before bedtime. Luke’s first professional acting gig was being Carter Brannock in the Watcher. He is from New York City and comes from a family of actors.

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What is Acting to you?

Acting is a creative form of storytelling. It’s a way to express myself and bring life to the story. I love getting to be someone else for a little while and letting my imagination run wild. It’s really fun! One of my favorite parts about being an actor is that it never gets boring because you’re always playing different characters with different backgrounds, personalities, and stories. You’re able to live so many lives without ever leaving your seat.

The best part of being an actor is telling stories – not just on camera or onstage, but with friends and family too. That’s where all the best stories come from anyway!

When did you start your career?

Luke started his career when he was about 2 years old, when he first appeared on television commercials. He has since been featured on a number of TV shows and films, including the short-lived series The Watcher starring Carter Brannock. His other acting credits include Luck Be A Lady and West Texas . His breakout performance came as Peter Kringle Jr., who for one night became Santa’s youngest son, in Elf.

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How do you get ready for each role?

When I’m about to shoot a film or take on a new role, I always do my research. I read the script and watch the movie if it’s available on DVD. I think about what the character is feeling and how they might talk. There are times when an actor just has to show up and do their job, but for me, making this process as authentic as possible helps me feel more connected to my character.

What projects are you working on right now?

Luke is currently working on the Netflix original series, The Watcher, where he plays Carter Brannock. He also landed a role in the upcoming film, The Last Movie Star alongside Burt Reynolds and Ariel Winter.

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