When you think of rising stars in Hollywood, do you think of Isabel Gravitt? Though she’s new to the scene, this young actor has already made quite the impression on Tinseltown, and it’s clear that she’s here to stay. To learn more about Isabel Gravitt, check out her bio below , Introducing Isabel Gravitt, Hollywood’s Hottest Newcomer

Gravitt at 13

As a young girl growing up in L.A., I always knew I wanted to be an actor and started auditioning when I was four years old. My first role was in an episode of The O.C. after just a couple of auditions — it was definitely meant to be! Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to work on some great projects including American Housewife and Cucuy: The Boogeyman. But my favorite part about acting is getting to play different characters that are so different from me. Each role has taught me something new about myself and has helped me grow as a person. That’s what makes acting so much fun for me; it’s like being able to try out new things without having any real-world consequences!

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A rise to fame

Before making her debut in 2017’s The Girl With All The Gifts , Hollywood was left scratching its head by an upcoming young starlet named Ellie Brannock. Now, with starring roles in mega-hits like American Housewife and The Watcher under her belt, it’s clear that Ellie is here to stay. But who is she? And where did she come from? We introduce you to Ellie Brannock: rising star of film and television.

Introducing Isabel Gravitt, Hollywood’s Hottest Newcomer

Eager to direct

Last month, Ellie Brannock signed on to play a supporting role in an indie film titled The Watcher. While her name may not be familiar yet, that’ll soon change as Brannock takes center stage as one of Hollywood’s hottest new stars. At just 19 years old, she’s already racked up an impressive resume with roles in some of today’s most popular TV shows and films—including Little Fires Everywhere and Cucuy: The Boogeyman—and she recently landed a lead role in a highly anticipated summer blockbuster. Brannock recently sat down with us for an exclusive interview about her career so far and what we can expect from her next. Here are five things you need to know about Hollywood newcomer Isabel Gravitt…

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Introducing Isabel Gravitt, Hollywood’s Hottest Newcomer

Career details

She began her career by guest starring on two episodes of Law & Order: SVU as a teenaged rape victim and was featured in an episode of Unforgettable. Gravitt also appeared in two episodes of NBC’s short-lived remake of Prime Suspect. She later starred in indie film Tangerine, with Mya Taylor and James Ransone, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2015 and was purchased by Magnolia Pictures for US theatrical release.


Cucuy: The Boogeyman (2018) Ellie Brannock in The Watcher (2019) Little Fires Everywhere (2020) American Housewife (2016-Present) Blood & Treasure (2019) Castle Rock (2019) The Bridge of Lions (2017) Back to Life: Chris Gardner Story (2017)… … More TV Shows Photo Credit: Walter McBride / WM Photos Inc. / Retna Ltd. / Kiko Press No matter how many times a week you check your Twitter feed or Instagram profile, it’s almost impossible to keep up with all of today’s social media happenings.

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Fun facts

Before starting her career in Hollywood she was a real-life loser who couldn’t find work and had to take odd jobs. And while she may not be as popular as Gwyneth Paltrow or Sandra Bullock yet, don’t sleep on her. With roles in high-profile shows like The Watcher and American Housewife coming out recently, there is no denying that she is about to become one of Tinseltown’s biggest stars (soon).

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