For those of you who love supernatural teen dramas, you’ll soon be able to add one more to your list. Netflix has just released First Kill, a new series created by bestselling author Victoria Schwab based on her own short story of the same name. Set in the fictional small town of Andermatt, Minnesota in 2017, the story follows 17-year-old Peter and 16-year-old Gwyn as they fall in love with each other and realize that their town might have some dark secrets hiding in its shadows. Introducing First Kill: Netflix’s New Supernatural Teen Drama

What do you think about First Kill?

We love it! It looks like Victoria Schwab (author of Vicious) has created a magical, supernatural world that will keep us coming back for more. It’s reminiscent of Lost Girl but with a darker tone. If you’re into teen dramas, don’t miss out on First Kill! Find out when it airs on Netflix right now here!

First Kill Trailer Netflix

You never forget your first. Teenage vampire Juliette sets her sights on a new girl in town Calliope for her first kill. But much to Juliette’s surprise

Why We Love It

My name is Victoria Schwab, and I’m so excited to share my new show with you. When I wrote my first book, Vicious, I had no idea how much it would change my life or lead me to where I am today—an author whose books have been translated into 34 languages in over 100 countries. My readers tell me they can’t wait for each new release. From one writer to another, thank you for your support. Today, I’m delighted to share with you something new that will be hitting Netflix later in 2018—First Kill! First Kill is an American supernatural teen drama streaming television series created by yours truly (that’s right!) and will be available on June 10th of next year exclusively on Netflix worldwide!

Introducing First Kill: Netflixs New Supernatural Teen Drama
Introducing First Kill: Netflix’s New Supernatural Teen Drama

What Is the Show About?

First Kill follows a group of friends who are trying to find out what caused their friend Brandon (Brendan Robinson) to mysteriously disappear. They quickly discover that a dangerous supernatural force is going around killing people and forcing them into deadly and gruesome games—games that only one can survive. Will our heroes be able to conquer these dark powers and save themselves? You’ll have to watch it to find out!

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How Is it Different From Other Paranormal Shows?

This series has everything you’d expect from a supernatural drama like mystery, suspense, and plenty of references to classic literature. It also takes all of these tropes and throws them out in favor of darker, more terrifying themes. There are no vampires or witches here, only demons that want nothing more than to trick innocent people into Hell for eternity. The entire show is about how a young woman deals with growing up in a world where everyone is trying to claim her soul for themselves–and how she fights back! This isn’t just another teen drama; it will keep you on your toes with each episode.

What Makes it Stand Out?

When it comes to teen dramas, The CW’s Riverdale is one of our favorites. It took a novel concept – what if Archie and his friends had an unspeakable secret? – and turned it into a multi-season hit. Much like Riverdale, First Kill has a compelling central mystery at its core. But in addition to that core mystery, there are two things that make it stand out from other teen dramas—namely its casting and directing decisions. And while they don’t seem like they’d be very important factors in whether or not a show works, you won’t believe how much difference they can make! Just check out these reasons why we think you should give First Kill a chance when it drops on Netflix June 10th!

Introducing First Kill: Netflixs New Supernatural Teen Drama
Introducing First Kill: Netflix’s New Supernatural Teen Drama

Must-Watch Episodes

If you’re unfamiliar with Victoria Schwab’s short story, First Kill, check out its official trailer above. If you have read it, then stream its first two episodes on Netflix. In addition to showcasing a chilling plot and stellar acting (especially by lead actress Julia Jenkins), they set up an intriguing mythology around a supernatural hitman that will keep viewers coming back for more. For example, The End opens with David (Jenkins) being questioned by Detective Manning about who she is and what happened at Club Electric Acid. Her answers are vague but her loyalty to her boyfriend Max is clear—Manning believes he was killed in action but David knows better because Max is still alive and it was his boss who died in that fight gone bad.

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Where Have You Seen These Actors Before?

Between its two lead actors, Elle Fanning and Jennifer Beals, First Kill has a fair number of big-screen stars between its two leads. Fanning is a veteran of major blockbusters like The Beguiled and Maleficent 2; Beals is also known for her role in The L Word as well as appearing on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Assistant District Attorney Sylvia Costas.

Here Are Some Fun Facts About Our Favorite Characters

Meet Sarah, our main character. She’s as complex as she is relatable. The show is told from her perspective in a very creative way, and we can’t wait to see where her journey takes us! Her love interest, Liam? He’s perfect! He’s kind of your typical bad boy—he rides a motorcycle and has tattoos that he got without his parents’ permission—but you still can’t help but love him. As for Gwen, Sarah’s mother? Not only is she super-intelligent—she started out as a nuclear physicist before shifting gears and studying psychology—but she also always has everyone else’s best interests at heart. And don’t forget Finn, Sarah’s father?

What Did You Think Of The Show? (Comment Below)

I binge-watched all of First Kill over a long weekend and I can’t wait for season 2. The opening scene completely sucks you in, with a chilling description that describes Sam as someone who’s constantly waiting. Why is he always waiting? I had to know what happened next. In fact, it feels like something is always happening in First Kill. If you have time to watch only one show on Netflix right now, make it First Kill. Season 2 cannot come soon enough!

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Here’s a list of other upcoming shows by this creator. What do you think about them? (Comment Below)

1. About a Girl, 2. Monsters of The Valley, 3. Your Brother Is A Werewolf, 4. An Unusual Boy and 5. Five Nights at Freddy’s (Cancelled) . Which one are you looking forward to? I personally think that about a girl is going to be my favorite but i also like your brother is a werewolf and monsters of the valley .

Introducing First Kill: Netflixs New Supernatural Teen Drama
Introducing First Kill: Netflix’s New Supernatural Teen Drama

Here’s an overview of what each show is about. This will help you understand it better! . . • About A Girl-A group of kids discover that their classmate has been harboring an incredible secret: she is actually an elf who came to Earth to find her true love—and now they must help her find him before it’s too late! But where do you even start looking for someone who could be literally anywhere in 300 billion galaxies?

Is first kill on Netflix?

First Kill is streaming on Netflix in most regions; you can see if it’s available in your country or region here. In some cases, you might have to look for it on another platform—for example, Hulu has it available here. You can also purchase and download episodes through iTunes or Google Play. Amazon Prime members can stream all episodes of season one free with their membership here . Full-season box sets are also widely available online.

What is first kill based on?

Victoria Schwab’s short story of the same name, which was published in 2012 as part of a collection that included A Darker Shade of Magic and Vicious. The series follows Imogen, who was raised as her brother’s twin sister after her biological mother fled during pregnancy, and their subsequent search for their father. The series began production in 2015 and is produced by SyFy Films. Filming occurred over eighteen days in April 2016 with a budget of $6 million. It premiered on June 10, 2022 on Netflix, just four months after release on June 8.

What is first Kill movie about?

Victoria Schwab, author of fantasy-thriller novels for adults, writes teen dramas for television. Her first show, First Kill, has just premiered on Netflix to huge critical acclaim. The show stars Aubrey Graham (better known as rapper Drake) and Katherine Langford (of 13 Reasons Why fame) as Ellie Duchannes and Daniel McAdam—that’s right, a teenager and a vampire being forced to go on a road trip together. Talk about your odd couples! Are you intrigued? Don’t just sit there—check out what everyone is raving about below

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