A makeup artist with an eye for beauty, Allan Snyder is the personal makeup artist of Norma Desmond, star of silent films and one of Hollywood’s biggest has-beens. With Norma living in the past and refusing to acknowledge that her time as Hollywood royalty has passed, it’s up to Allan to do whatever he can to make her feel beautiful and confident enough to step back into the spotlight she once ruled with an iron fist. If he can pull this off, it might just make all the difference for Norma – and Allan himself – as well. Introducing Allan Snyder – Toby Huss as Whitey, Norma’s Personal Makeup Artist

The character breakdown

This is a short introduction to the character of Allan Whitey Snyder. Toby Huss will play this role in the upcoming fourth season of Netflix’s critically acclaimed and award-winning series Grace and Frankie. This YouTube video will provide more insight into his character. I hope you enjoy!

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Whitey, Norma Jeane’s personal makeup artist, is seen for the first time. He tells the audience that he has been with her since she was born and he tells them that she always loved blonde hair, but never had it because she was allergic to it. He gives us some background on who she is and what her personality is like from those who know her best.

Getting into character

Whitey is a character that reflects the change of times and norms. He really gives his all to trying to make all people look good. Part of what makes him such a special character is that he cares so much about the people he works with and it doesn’t matter what they do for a living. With big stars like Norma whose glamour often takes center stage, he maintains her appearance and aids in her love life.

Introducing Allan Snyder - Toby Huss as Whitey, Norma's Personal Makeup Artist
Introducing Allan Snyder – Toby Huss as Whitey, Norma’s Personal Makeup Artist

Interacting with Vera

Norma! Vera practically vibrates with excitement when she spots me in the kitchen. Whitey is the greatest. She gives me a solid kiss on the cheek before stopping and scrutinizing my face. If only you were just a little more blonde, she complains with a little pout that I’ve learned is her go-to move when she wants something from me. Maybe if I dyed your hair?

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Flashbacks and references

Based on the trailer for this new Netflix Original Series, I’m confident that blonde netflix will be an amazing show. From what we can see in the teaser and some of the trailers they have released, it seems that is going to focus on some pretty intense and emotional subject matter.

However, what caught my attention when I watched this trailer was when Allan walked out of his dressing room and looked up at himself in the mirror.

What fans want to know about their favorite show

Many are curious to know more about whitey, who is portrayed by actor and comedian Toby Huss. So for those asking who exactly is he? We have the answer! Whitey has been a part of the show since its pilot episode on November 8th 1997 and will make his final appearance in the last episode of season two.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Whitey Snyder?

Allan Whitey Snyder is a makeup artist who appears in season 4 of the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black. He first meets up with the character Norma (Mrs. Vanderwort) in order to do her personal makeup before she departs for Europe. From there he goes on to serve not only Mrs. Vanderwort but also other inmates, who are constantly requesting his services and becoming more and more demanding of his time.

Introducing Allan Snyder - Toby Huss as Whitey, Norma's Personal Makeup Artist
Introducing Allan Snyder – Toby Huss as Whitey, Norma’s Personal Makeup Artist

What was the name of the movie with Allan Whitey Snyder?

Gerald McCloy’s Mwatch for Shirley Valentine is based on the award-winning play of the same name. The 1990 motion picture stars Pauline Collins as a housewife living in Liverpool and struggling to cope with life. She takes a two-week vacation to Greece (and falls in love) after meeting travel agent John Smith, who she meets by chance at her local beauty salon when he comes in to have his toupee fitted.

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Who is Allan Snyder?

Allan Snyder is the makeup artist to glamour actress of silent films and Hollywood icons: Louella Parson. Known for his work with blonde Hollywood starlets such as Marilyn Monroe, Ann-Margret and Lana Turner, Whitey became known as the godfather of cosmetology and pioneered many classic techniques that are still used in makeup today. From Helena Rubenstein to Cleopatra, some of history’s most notable women relied on him for their looks.

How did Allan Snyder get his start in makeup?

Norma found a young, struggling actor in Hollywood and noticed his natural talent for makeup artistry. After hiring him to do her own makeup every day and teaching him the tricks of the trade, she renamed him Whitey and he became her most trusted confidant.

Watch Whitey work his magic on Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch on June 15th!

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