It’s hard to get a hold of someone who has blocked you on Instagram, but it’s not impossible. If you want to keep your streak alive with someone who doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore, here are some methods that work great in seeing someone who has blocked you on Instagram. This way you can either drop them from your life or send one last message asking what went wrong and why they don’t want anything to do with you anymore. Instagram Blockade: How to See Someone Who Has Blocked You

Why was the person blocked?

If you’re wondering how to see someone who has blocked you on Instagram, the answer may be more complicated than you think. Remember, not everyone blocks you for the same reason. And while there are apps that can help with this, it’s important to understand why they blocked you in the first place. There could be many reasons, including a misunderstanding or something personal. Before messaging them again, try to think about what happened and figure out if there was anything you did wrong. Sometimes people block others by accident because of an app glitch so it might not have been intentional. But if they’ve blocked you because of something you said or did and they don’t respond to your messages, then blocking is the only way they’ll communicate with you again.

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What do you want from them?

When you block someone on Instagram, that person will be unable to see your posts or stories. This is an excellent way of cutting off contact with someone who’s bothering you and not being able to contact you. These are the steps for how to see someone who has blocked you on Instagram:

– Search for their account by entering their username in the search bar at the top of the app. If they are not on Instagram, they may have deleted their account.

The importance of remembering you are still important

The most important thing about being blocked on social media is that you remember that the person who has blocked you still wants the best for you. They may not want to hear from you, but they still want the best for you. They may have an issue with something in your life that doesn’t affect them at all, and it’s out of love and concern for you that they block your messages or likes. That doesn’t mean your message won’t get through- it just means one of two things are happening: either their account is set up so only people they follow can message them or someone isn’t following both of you anymore and messages are getting lost in transit (which can happen if a person deletes their account).

Instagram Blockade: How to See Someone Who Has Blocked You
Instagram Blockade: How to See Someone Who Has Blocked You

Consider blocking them as well

Blocking someone on Instagram can be done in a number of ways. If they are added as a friend, go to their profile and click the three dots next to their name. Then click Block. If you are on their profile page, scroll down and tap the three dots next to their name. From there, select Block. To unblock someone, go to your blocked list by tapping the gear icon on your account page. Select View All from this list. To block someone from this screen just type in their username or add them from the search bar at the top.

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Move on with your life

If you have been blocked by an ex, it might be best to move on with your life. The only way you will be able to see that person is if they decide to unblock you. If this is what you want, then email them and ask them politely if they would consider unblocking your account. Otherwise, delete the app from your phone so you don’t feel tempted to login just in case they change their mind. It’s a common mistake to assume people are trying to get back together when they haven’t contacted you in months or years. Don’t text them again and bother them- it may lead to a blowout argument or a restraining order!

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