If you’ve been keeping up with the tech industry lately, you might have heard some news about TCS and Infosys reopening their offices in the US as an effort to hire locals instead of bringing over foreign workers on H-1B visas. While this sounds good on paper, it leaves plenty of questions unanswered and may not even be that beneficial in the long run. This article will give you all the details behind these business decisions, which include exactly how many employees they’re bringing on board and what they think they can accomplish by doing so. Infosys and TCS Bosses to Reopen Offices

Who cares about these guys any more?
It’s a common tactic for big companies like Infosys and TCS to lay off employees at will, then reopen their business in a new country as independently owned. But it’s about time we started asking what these outsourcing giants are doing with all that money they are making. And is anyone really buying their story?

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But why now?
The head honchos of India’s top IT firms are planning on a significant expansion. This could be due to a shift in global business trends, as more large corporations move towards centralizing their operations, or because these firms feel that India is ripe for more aggressive growth. This repatriation trend is only predicted to increase. By 2018, one survey predicts that 70% of businesses will have moved back home from overseas locations.

Infosys and TCS Bosses to Reopen Offices
Infosys and TCS Bosses to Reopen Offices

What does this mean for the future of I.T.?
This news will undoubtedly come as a shock to I.T. professionals, given that both these companies have been vocal in their intention of phasing out work-from-home jobs. This move isn’t exactly a vote of confidence in telecommuting or remote work—at least not on an enterprise level—and it may suggest that top brass at other tech firms are following suit.

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