Arturo Barba will play the character of Íñigo Lazcano in Julieta , Pedro Almodóvar’s next film. Iñigo Lazcano is Julieta ‘s father and a lawyer, who divides his time between his profession and activism in favor of minorities and immigrants . Before the shooting begins, arturo barba sat down with us to talk about how Pedro Almodóvar approached him for the role and also about Íñigo Lazcano’s personality. About how he prepared for it. Iñigo Lazcano is a Lawyer and Julieta’s Father

He wants what’s best for his daughter

He wants her to be able to finish her studies without too much difficulty. He wants her to live in a comfortable apartment, go out with friends and have a good time. He hopes for his daughter’s success, but he doesn’t tell her what she should or shouldn’t do. Iñigo treats Julieta as an adult because he knows she is one.

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He’s cold and distant

Iñigo’s relationship with his daughter, Julieta, has always been icy. Since her mother died, he’s had no qualms about keeping her from knowing who he really is. He does, however, have plenty of time to meddle in everyone else’s business, so it makes sense that he ended up being an attorney.

He puts his job first

Iñigo is an ambitious, hard-working lawyer. In addition to his legal practice, he’s also a board member of several charitable organizations that are politically connected. He believes that being trustworthy means putting your work first, even if it means you miss out on important events in your loved ones’ lives. As he says to Julieta in one scene: A man has only one life.

Iñigo Lazcano is a Lawyer and Julieta's Father
Iñigo Lazcano is a Lawyer and Julieta’s Father

His relationship with Julieta needs repair

The first season of The Queen of Spain reveals how Iñigo left his former wife, Julieta’s mother, following his engagement to another woman. It also explains that Iñigo left both them and their life in Barcelona to move to Madrid for work. This part of the story leaves many questions unanswered.

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Is Íñigo an alcoholic?

The first thing to understand about Iñigo’s condition (if it can be called that) is that it isn’t necessarily an addiction. Addiction means your body craves [an addictive substance]—you need [it] to function, you feel terrible if you don’t have it—but with Iñigo, he doesn’t seem to fit into that category at all.

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