WhatsApp announced the roll out of Call Links, the newest addition to its suite of features that includes Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and video calls. This feature will allow users to join voice or video calls with just one tap by sending a link that links directly to their contacts’ WhatsApp profiles, but how do you use it? Here’s how to use WhatsApp’s Call Links feature to rival Zoom and Google Meet. How to Use WhatsApp’s Call Links Feature to Rival Zoom and Google Meet

What is it?

WhatsApp announced its newest feature called call links on Tuesday. A call link is a shortcut that allows users to make voice or video calls within the app. The new feature is an alternative for people who want to use other apps like Zoom or Google Meet for video calls, but don’t want to download them onto their phones. What we’re taking away: With this update, you can stay in your favorite chat while initiating a phone call without ever leaving it. What we’re left wondering: Why did they choose not to call it call when they could have?

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How to Create It ?

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature, call links, that allows you to initiate a video or voice call through the app. It works just like link previews on web pages: tap on a contact’s name in the chat screen and you will be prompted with an option for a video or voice call. Select either one of those options, wait for the other person to answer, then enjoy your conversation. The cool thing about this new feature is that it lets you share your screen with the other person while they talk. It also supports group chats so that more than two people can talk at once. The downside? If someone declines a call from you, they won’t know who tried to get in touch unless they block the number (so don’t spam them!).

Why do you need it?

WhatsApp is considered one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. Recently, they introduced a new feature called Call Links that enables users to initiate a video or voice call without having to go through the process of downloading any other apps. This is a great way for individuals who are interested in using WhatsApp but are also looking for alternatives, such as Zoom and Google Meet, have more options than just adding an app on their phone.

How to Use WhatsApp's Call Links Feature to Rival Zoom and Google Meet
How to Use WhatsApp’s Call Links Feature to Rival Zoom and Google Meet

What can you use this for?

Call links are a new feature that was introduced in the latest WhatsApp beta update, allowing you to make video or voice calls from within a chat. It also allows you to add a call link as an attachment to any type of message, making it much easier for users who are looking for quick ways of getting in touch. Furthermore, call links allow for video-only chats with up to four people at once. There is no time limit, so you can keep talking for as long as you like without having to worry about overages on your mobile phone plan. You can also call anyone from your contact list with just one tap.

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How does it work?

The call links feature allows you to start a video or voice call from any WhatsApp message in a chat. When clicked, the call will be placed as an audio-only or video-only call with the other person, without leaving the chat. If they’re not available, then it will go straight to voicemail. Unlike other apps that provide similar features, such as Zoom and Google Meet, there is no limit on how many people can use this call link feature at the same time. However, only one video can be used at a time.

Where can you use the call links feature?

Use the call links feature on your Android or iOS device.

To use call links, tap the video chat icon in the bottom right corner of a chat window.

Tap Call and then follow the steps to make a call.

You’ll see an option for Call with link which will create a link you can share with anyone who has WhatsApp so they can join your video chat. You can invite them via text message, email, Twitter DM, or another app like Facebook Messenger.

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To end the call click the red X in the top left corner of your screen. Clicking that same button again will disconnect you from your current phone call without hanging up completely.

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