You probably don’t think much about how you listen to audiobooks, since they don’t come up as often as music and podcasts in conversation. However, audiobooks are more popular than ever before, thanks to services like Audible and Spotify making them more convenient to access than ever before. Spotify audiobooks are especially easy to use, and you can easily find great ones that will keep you entertained all the way through your next commute or workout session. Here’s everything you need to know about getting started with Spotify audiobooks, from downloading your first book to improving the listening experience itself. How to Turn Spotify Into Your New Favorite Audiobook App

Part 1. The Benefits of Audiobooks

Listening to audiobooks has been shown to have many benefits. They are an excellent way for children, who might be too young for chapter books, to learn new vocabulary. For adults, audiobooks provide a new way of experiencing literature that is both enjoyable and convenient. There’s no need to read the words on the page or try to keep up with your place when you’re driving. Plus, it can be difficult to maintain focus while reading in front of a screen or on your phone in public places where there’s so much going on all at once. In this post, we’ll show you how you can get started with listening to audiobooks through Spotify!

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Part 2. Research Shows Their Advantages

Many people enjoy listening to audiobooks for a variety of reasons. Some people use them as an enjoyable alternative to reading and others might be looking for a more engaging way to improve their skills in a language or learn something new. Regardless of why you are interested in audiobooks, there are plenty of advantages that come with using the app.

Part 3. Is It Possible to Listen While Driving?

This is a tricky question with no definitive answer. If you live in a place where it’s illegal, this may not be the best solution for you. However, if you’re in the US, you may be able to use Google Maps or Waze for voice navigation and then listen to an audiobook at the same time. You could also try using Bluetooth headphones so your phone can stay connected to your car’s audio system. For some people, listening while driving actually helps them focus on their driving since they don’t have any visual distractions from the road ahead.

Part 4. Top Tips for Listening Safely While Driving

Driving for extended periods of time can be tedious, so why not use your commute to catch up on your favorite audiobooks? Here are a few tips to make sure you stay safe and enjoy the journey.

How to Turn Spotify Into Your New Favorite Audiobook App
How to Turn Spotify Into Your New Favorite Audiobook App

1. Make sure you have a phone holder or mount for your car. 2. The app will automatically pause when there’s an incoming call or notification and resume playing when the call ends or notification goes away. 3.

Part 5. How to Use the Spotify Android or iOS App

-If you are an Android user and want to use the app, you should download it from the Play Store and then open it up.

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-If you are an iOS user, open up the App Store and search for Spotify.

-You will be taken through a series of screens that will ask for your email address or sign in with Facebook.

-Once signed in, scroll down until you find Audiobooks in the Library section on the left side.

Part 6. What if I’m an Apple Fan?

The simplest way to get started with audiobooks on your Apple device is by downloading the free app Overdrive, which allows you to borrow audiobooks from most major libraries. Once you’ve downloaded Overdrive and created an account, you can search for a title that interests you and click borrow now. The book will be delivered wirelessly to your iPhone or iPad, where it will then be available for up to 21 days.

Part 7. So Where Do I Begin? The Best Free Stories To Start With

Did you know that music, specifically the song lyrics, can be found in many audiobooks? You’ll find it in books across all genres, from YA novels to non-fiction. If you’re new to audiobooks and not sure where to start, here are five of our favorite audiobooks with a little backstory on each one.

1) Born A Crime by Trevor Noah:

Trevor Noah’s memoir is a brilliant and gripping exploration of race and identity. He shares his personal story about growing up as a mixed-race child during apartheid in South Africa. His mother was white and Swiss, his father was black – which made him born a crime under the racist laws of the time. Part history lesson, part personal journey, this book will give you plenty to think about long after you’ve turned off your device!

How to Turn Spotify Into Your New Favorite Audiobook App
How to Turn Spotify Into Your New Favorite Audiobook App

2) Wild by Cheryl

Strayed No matter what adventure you’re looking for, or whether it’s an escape from real life or just something to distract yourself with, The Alchemist might have what you need. 3) Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan: What would happen if there were a secret bookstore that only came out at night?+

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Frequently asked questions

How to Get Spotify audiobooks?

To get started with Spotify audiobooks, all you have to do is find your favorite book on the app and tap on the Play button. You can then either listen or read by tapping on a button at the bottom of the screen. To change between listening and reading, just click the audio button in the center of your screen. Also, you can use this feature when you are playing music as well! If you want to save your place, simply press pause and go back when you are ready.

Are Spotify audio books free?

No, they’re not. With a premium Spotify account you can download and listen to audio books for free, but if you don’t have one then the cost will be about $14 per month. If you are looking to try out an audiobook before committing to it though, I recommend checking out Audible with Amazon. They offer monthly or yearly plans that start at just $7.49 per month!

Will Spotify ever have audiobooks?

– It is currently unknown if Spotify will ever have audiobooks.

– There are a number of third party companies that offer this service, and the most popular app is Audible.

– You can subscribe to Audible through your Amazon account and then download it on your phone or tablet through the Amazon Store.

– The benefit of using an Audible app is that you can download one book at a time, which saves on storage space.

Is there an app like Spotify but for books?

This is a tricky question, but there are some solid alternatives that might be worth your time. The first alternative is Librivox, an all-volunteer organization that produces free audiobooks from public domain books or those in the public domain by donation. Librivox has more than 18,000 titles and counting and they’re adding new ones every day. If you’re looking for something a little more commercialized and on-demand, then Audible might be just what you need.

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