Have you ever wanted to take screenshots on your computer, smartphone, or tablet? You might have heard of the term before, but are confused about how to actually accomplish it? We’re here to help! Below, we’ve laid out easy steps on how to take screenshots on just about every device you can imagine! This includes PCs and Macs, laptops and smartphones, tablets and smart TVs…really, anything that has a display screen. How to take screenshots like a pro on any device!

how to screenshot on computer

It’s easy to take a screenshot on your computer, but what about when you’re not using one? If you’re in the process of learning how to screenshot and want an expert-led guide, we’ve got it. We’ll show you how to screenshot no matter what device you use or operating system you’re running. The first thing that you need to do is find the perfect spot for your screenshot.

iPhone / iPad

To take a screenshot in iOS, press the power button and home button at the same time. The screen will flash white and you’ll hear the camera shutter sound effect. You can access your screenshot by tapping Photos > Camera Roll > Screenshots. To save your screenshot, tap on it and swipe across the bottom of the screen to bring up options for Copy or Save Image. Select Save Image, then select where you want to save it and give it a name. Once saved, the photo is stored in the Photos app’s ‘Camera Roll.’

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Firefox OS

Screen shots are important, whether you’re trying to debug an app or show someone how to do something. Fortunately, Firefox OS has built-in screen shot capabilities that let you capture the whole page, select parts of it, or even just copy an image from the page and paste it into another application. How to take screenshots like a pro on any device!

To take a full-screen shot:

Press and hold the Power button for two seconds (or until you hear a camera shutter sound). Your screen will flash white. The screenshot is saved as a PNG file in the Screenshots folder within your Pictures folder. If you want to take multiple screenshots consecutively without going back to the Home screen in between each one, press and hold down the Power button for two seconds instead of pressing it once. You’ll need to use this method if you want an individual window within your browser’s viewfinder instead of capturing everything at once.

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Ubuntu Touch

This video tutorial will show you how to take a screenshot in Ubuntu Touch. Follow these simple steps:

1) Find what you want to capture by using your finger or by scrolling with your mouse.

2) With the item selected, press the Menu button and select Screenshot. This will save the screenshot as an image file in your Pictures folder. You can find it there under Screenshots. When you need to share the screenshot with somebody else, use an app like ShareIt, which lets you send files without incurring data fees.

If there are multiple windows open at one time and you only want to screenshot one of them, press Windows key + PrtScn (or Fn+PrtScn for Windows 10). The window that has focus is the window that gets saved as a screen shot.

Blackberry OS

In Blackberry OS, there are 2 ways of taking screenshot.

1) Press and hold the Alt + PrtScrn keys at the same time. 2) Press the Home key, then press the Alt+ PrtScrn keys at the same time. This will save your screenshot as screenshot_yyy-mm-dd_hh:mm:ss in Screenshots folder in your My Documents. You can also access it by going to Camera Roll > Screenshots.

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If you’re using BlackBerry 10, you can also use Quick Capture (QC). The QC button is located in the bottom right corner of your screen when viewing an open app or webpage.

How to take screenshots like a pro on any device!
How to take screenshots like a pro on any device!

Kindle Fire HDX

Every device has its own way of taking screenshots. For example, the Kindle Fire HDX has three ways. You can either press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button simultaneously, or you can press the Home button twice in quick succession, or you can press both buttons at the same time. Whichever method you choose, your screen will flash white and there will be a sound confirming that the screenshot was taken successfully.

eReaders (Amazon, Kobo, Nook)

There are many different e-readers available today. Your choice of e-reader will depend on what you intend to use it for. For example, if you want to read and download books, then your best bet is an Amazon Kindle or Kobo. If you want the ability to read PDFs and other documents, then your best bet would be an iPad or Android tablet. To take a screenshot on these devices, simply hold down the home button and power button at the same time (you may have to press one first before pressing the other). You should see an animation that looks something like this

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