It’s no secret that sharing large files from your Android phone can be extremely frustrating. You may have had this problem yourself and if you’re reading this, chances are you have had someone else approach you about it as well! However, there’s hope! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of how to share files over 15 MB from your Android device. It doesn’t matter if you’re using an iPhone or an Android phone, these methods will work with both – so keep reading! ‘How to share a large file from your Android phone with anyone’

What does this app do?
OverDrive for Android allows users to send files up to 10GB in size, whether it be an audio book, video or text document, OverDrive has been used by libraries and patrons across America. With OverDrive for Android you can listen to an audiobook while you commute home on public transportation, watch movies when you’re stuck on long-haul flights or read eBooks from your local library even if you’re on vacation.

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How does it work?
You can copy and paste or send any kind of document. You are limited by how much text you can put on one Share File message, however. The limit is 10,000 characters of text on one Share File text message (that’s about 8 pages of 12-point font), but it could be more depending on how you format it (for example: bold, italics, underlined). In other words – if you’re sending larger files use Bluetooth or another method!

'How to share a large file from your Android phone with anyone'
‘How to share a large file from your Android phone with anyone’

How much does it cost?
There are a few different ways you can send files between two devices, and costs vary depending on what you’re looking for. If you need to share photos or videos, DropBox is free up to 2GB; Google Drive charges $2.49/month for 100GB. If you’re just sharing documents, Evernote has free basic features and upgrade options that start at $5/month.

What’s next?
Experts predict that technology will change how we learn in several ways, including offering greater flexibility for students who can study at home and more collaboration between students when studying on campus. Whatever shape it takes, one thing’s for sure: The way you learn today won’t be as prevalent 20 years from now.

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Coolest part about this app
With ShareIt you can share music, pictures, videos and apps with friends. It is really very easy. Just install ShareIt app on your device and open it. You will see five sections: My Items, Downloads, Sent Items, Invite Code and Invite Friends! Open any of these sections and start sharing any type of files that you want. Your friends just need to have ShareIt installed on their devices and use the same username as yours in order to access shared items immediately!

Where can I find more information about this app/this company?
Whenever you come across an app that you think would be of interest, go ahead and do a quick internet search on it. If you’re impressed with what you see, take note of that for later and maybe even download it to try it out. If there’s some information about a company or their website, take note of that too—you may end up needing both in another post at some point.

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