With the new WhatsApp Business API now live, it’s now possible to send one-on-one or group WhatsApp messages from the Google Sheets app on your Android or iOS device. As an added bonus, you don’t even need to be online to use this trick; all you need to do is create the first message in a Google Sheet document, then continue sending messages from there whenever you have reception again. Don’t believe us? Let’s find out how! How to send group WhatsApp SMS messages from a Google Sheet

Sending WhatsApp Group Messages from Google Sheets

The purpose of this post is to outline how you can use Google Sheets as an alternative means for sending group WhatsApp messages. This could be especially useful when you are in different time zones and would like to have someone else provide the content for your message.

Create a Google Spreadsheet with your list of recipients, type of message, and message body. You can include hyperlinks in the message body if you want to provide additional information or instructions.

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Step 1) Create the Data Model in Sheets

The first thing you need to do is create the data model in Sheets. This should be fairly straightforward for those who have used Sheets before – it just requires entering some information about the message and its recipients. For each new message, enter a column with its sender’s name, another with the recipient’s phone number, then add their message and click ‘enter’ on your keyboard. When you’re done adding all of your recipients, go back up to cell A2 where we’ll set up a macro to automate this process.

How to send group WhatsApp SMS messages from a Google Sheet
How to send group WhatsApp SMS messages from a Google Sheet

Step 2) Send an Individual Message From Google Sheets

1. Open the sheet, then select the cell in which you want to enter the message.

2. Click on Insert, and then click Text.

3. Type your message in the new text box that appears.

4. Select an option for when you want the notification sent (Now, Later, or Never).

5. Click on Done. You can now see your message inserted into the row where you selected it.

6. Repeat these steps with other cells in order to add more messages to your list.

7. To change the date and time of an individual message, click on it so that it is highlighted yellow; a drop-down menu will appear with options for when you want this individual notification sent: Now, Later, or Never?

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Step 3) Send a Group Message From Google Sheets

To make it easier for you and your team, you can schedule the message in advance on your phone. The following steps will show you how to use Google Sheets and Zapier to set up this automated process.

1) Open the spreadsheet and click Tools then Add-Ons then Zapier.

2) Click Connect with Zapier, agree with the terms of service, and connect your account with Zapier.

3) After connecting Zapier, enter into the Action field New Email and select Gmail as the App.

4) Under Label enter Group Chat.

5) Under Subject Line enter Group Chat.

6) In the Email text box type

Step 4) Get Things Done! (Setting up your new structure in Drive & Googlesheets as well as Android Device Settings)

1) Create a new folder in Drive called SMS and set your sharing settings to Anyone with the link.

2) Open up Google Sheets and create two sheets: one for the list of contacts you want to message (i.e. sheet 1) and one for the message template (i.e. sheet 2).

3) Copy+paste all of your contact numbers into the first sheet, then copy+paste your template message text into the second sheet.

4) Highlight both cells (A1&A2), right-click and choose ‘duplicate’. Once this is done, rename these two cells by right-clicking on them again and choosing ‘rename’.

5) For the first cell, rename it to Group Message or something similar. For the second cell, add an apostrophe (‘), then paste s after that. You should now have Group Message’s as your title cell.

How to send group WhatsApp SMS messages from a Google Sheet
How to send group WhatsApp SMS messages from a Google Sheet

Frequently asked questions

How do I send a message from a Google Sheet to a WhatsApp group?

1. Go to the Send Message tab in your spreadsheet and enter the message you want sent in the Message field. Make sure you leave the Message Type as Text Message.

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2. Fill out the To field with your contact’s phone number or their name if they are in your contacts list on your phone.

3. Click on Send at the bottom of your sheet, and you will be taken back to the sheet with an option for Send as Text Message

4. You can also specify how many times this message is repeated by entering that number into the Repeats field. If there is not enough space in this column, just keep scrolling down and add another row until you find more free space.

How do I automate WhatsApp messages in Google Sheets?

Google Sheets has a function called IMPORTXML which allows you to import data into your spreadsheet. This can be used to automate sending of whatsapp messages with the use of the Send Message app.

How can I send bulk SMS on WhatsApp?

The easiest way to get started is by creating a new column in your Google spreadsheet where you can enter the phone numbers of all the people you would like to text. After adding this column, copy and paste the following code into cell A1: =sendWhatsApp(

How can I send message from Google to WhatsApp?

There are many ways to send message from Google sheets, but this post will teach you how to use the Send Email template.

First, create an email in Gmail. Add any text you want in the body of the email and add any recipient emails that you want the message sent to. In this example, I am sending a message to myself and my boss.

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