Have you ever seen something on Twitter that you wanted to remember, but didn’t want to keep scrolling up to find it? No need to worry! This tutorial will teach you how to save any tweet with certain content to a spreadsheet so that you can come back later and get the link or copy the text of the tweet whenever you want. It’s easy—just follow along and learn how you can use this technique in your own workflow! How to save tweets featuring specific content to a spreadsheet

What is an RSS feed

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and an RSS feed is simply a list of articles that is updated whenever one of the articles on the list is changed. The idea behind RSS feeds is that you can subscribe to them so you don’t miss any news. For example, if you’re interested in reading about all the latest happenings at ABC Company, then you could subscribe to their RSS feed. Once you’re subscribed, any time they post something new it will show up in your feed reader (more on this below).

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What is a tweet stream

A tweet stream is a list of tweets that have been saved for later viewing. A tweet stream can be used for research, keeping up with friends, or simply curling up on the sofa and watching your favorite TV show. There are many great tools to create a tweet stream on Twitter like saving tweets as they happen or saving them all in one go. These methods can also apply to other social media platforms as well.

How to create an RSS feed

There are two ways to create an RSS feed for your blog. The first way is by using the widget in WordPress, which you can find under ‘Appearance’ and then ‘Widgets’. Simply drag the widget into a sidebar or any other widget-ready location on your site, and select which feeds you’d like to display from the drop-down menu. You can also create an RSS feed manually by adding some code to your site’s HTML.

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Setting up Feedly

1. Create an account on Feedly 2. Click Add in the top left 3. Search for Twitter 4. Select the box next to Feedly will follow these people and click Update. 5. Scroll down and click Save for Later 6. Add your desired tags 7. Click on the plus sign next to your profile picture in the top right corner 8. Click +add personal feed, enter your username, and add any desired tags 9. Click Add Sources 10. In the window that pops up, scroll down until you see Live! from Feedly 11. Click where it says Subscribe 12. Repeat steps 10-12 for every feed you want to track 13. To change which feeds appear first when opening Live!, drag them up or down 14. That’s it!

How to save tweets featuring specific content to a spreadsheet
How to save tweets featuring specific content to a spreadsheet

Saving tweets with Feedly

1. Sign in to Feedly. 2. Click on the ‘Search’ tab in the top navigation bar and type in your search term. 3. Click on the ‘Tweets’ tab in the bottom navigation bar and click ‘All’. 4. Sort by date (newest first) or by relevance (most relevant first). 5. Click on the tweet you want to add to your list, then click ‘Add Tweet’. 6. Fill in the ‘Title’, ‘Author’, and ‘Text’ fields. 7. Select which category the tweet belongs to from the drop-down menu below. 8. Select whether you want to export it as an Excel file (.xlsx), PDF file (.pdf), or comma-separated values (.csv) file. 9. Click ‘Export as XLSX’. 10. The tweet will be saved as an Excel file with all fields pre-filled, including categories.

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More Reading on Feedly

Feedly is a one-stop-shop for RSS feeds, social media posts and more. Users can find RSS feeds for the latest in tech news, finance, food culture and more by entering the topic into Feedly’s search bar. It also lets you save articles from your favorite sources to read later or share with friends on social media. The service features some of the most popular blogs, magazines and newspapers around including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and others. You’ll never miss out on what’s happening in the world again!

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