Have you ever suffered data loss? It’s really awful, isn’t it? If you want to avoid this terrible situation, you should immediately find a good data recovery software to help you solve this problem if it ever happens. Today, I will tell you about the program named Wondershare Recover It and how can it help you get deleted files back quickly and safely. To know more details, just keep reading… How to recover deleted files with Wondershare Recover It


In life, nothing is permanent. That is why it’s essential that you back up your important data. The best and easiest way to do so is by regularly storing them on a USB drive or cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive. However, there are times when mistakes happen – like accidentally deleting a file – and when they do, no one can be prepared for what happens next: Tears begin streaming down your face as your photos from last summer suddenly disappear from your desktop.

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Step 1 – Use Recover Photos function

Deleted photos can be retrieved from device if they are not overwritten by other new data in most cases. Follow steps 1-4 below and choose Recover Photos as recovery mode. Scan your device and start photo recovery process immediately.

Step 2 – Choose your camera device, then click Next button

– Choose your pictures from your device:

– Click Start Scan button :

– Click on Recover button to recover them back:

– Here you can preview and search your lost or erased photos in a tree structure.

Step 3 – Select photos from your device or SD card, and then click Scan button

It will start searching for all lost photos. Step 4 – Preview and recover your photos: All found data is listed in categories. Select those you want, then click Recover button to save them on your PC or Mac. Step 5 – Choose a destination folder: This free file recovery software allows you choose a destination where you want to save your restored images. Note: Don’t select an existing folder, or it will be overwritten by new files.

How to recover deleted files with Wondershare Recover It
How to recover deleted files with Wondershare Recover It

Step 4 – Preview and recover lost photos from iPhone, iPad, Android phone, etc.

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Viewing your lost iPhone/iPad photos. To view your photos after a restore, go to Photos on your device and click on one of your albums. This will show you all of your photo albums and you can open one at a time until you find what you are looking for. Remember, these will be copies of what you had stored on iCloud so make sure you back up anything that was important to avoid losing it permanently!

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