Microsoft has taken the wraps off of the next big update to Windows 11, with the company showcasing it’s new design language, productivity software and more. While there’s a lot to take in here, one of the highlights that many people are curious about is how to make video calls using Windows 11’s new FaceTime-like Your Phone app and third-party chat apps like Skype. Here’s what you need to know! How to make video calls with Windows 11

What you need

To use Windows 11’s new AI features, you need an Arm-based device. But how do you know if your computer is Arm-based? Well, there are a few ways. First, check your sticker: If it says Intel Inside or AMD Inside, it isn’t Arm-based. Second, check your Task Manager: Go to Task Manager > Performance and look for CPU in the list of processes.

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Download the preview version

You can download and use the preview version of Windows 11 today. It’s still rough around some edges, so don’t install it on your main PC—instead, opt for a laptop or a separate work machine. For now, you can only get it via Microsoft’s Insiders program, which requires you to be an advanced user who is comfortable installing and using alpha software. You’ll also need to register as an Insider; if you haven’t already done so, follow these steps

How to make video calls with Windows 11
How to make video calls with Windows 11

What’s changed in Windows 11?

If you’re using a touch-enabled device, like a tablet or 2-in-1, it makes sense to use touch when you’re making video calls. In Windows 11, we made it so you can use your fingertips to capture and move around your picture during a call. Try it out: During a call, swipe up on an empty part of your screen. After taking a picture with just one finger, you can move it around in different ways by tapping on other parts of your screen.

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Tips and Tricks

Video calling is a feature many smartphones have integrated into their operating systems, but it’s often not as fluid or easy as we’d like. You can get a much better experience if you use some tricks and tips. Here are some ways you can take your video calling to another level. First, go through all of your camera settings on both devices to ensure they’re on the same settings; there’s nothing worse than two people trying to video call each other only for one person’s screen to be way too dark or bright.

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