Searching how to make an impeccable resume yields over 5 million results, but if you’re like me and spend 30 seconds on each result before clicking on the next, it’s going to take you over 10 hours to find an answer that actually works! The good news is that there are plenty of free and useful tools out there. Today, I will teach you how to make an impeccable resume in 5 minutes using Google Docs. Let’s get started! How to Make an Impeccable Resume Using Google Docs


Making a resume is hard. You’ve got to find or make a template, type in your job history, format it all just right, and create a stunning cover letter that makes you stand out from other candidates. It’s exhausting!


Making a great first impression with your resume is essential—the content is certainly important, but it’s ultimately what someone sees at first glance. And while a recruiter or potential employer probably won’t dig in deeper if they can’t find you on LinkedIn, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim for better than just good enough. One way to make sure your header stands out? Use bigger fonts.

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Create separate sections for each job you’ve held, complete with details about your accomplishments and the type of position it was.

There are tons of resume templates online, but you can also start from scratch. Remember that your resume should reflect what you’re looking for in a job. If you’re not sure, it may be best to develop two different resumes: one for full-time positions and another for freelancing work. Tailor your writing style as well based on whether or not you have managerial experience, for example.

How to Make an Impeccable Resume Using Google Docs
How to Make an Impeccable Resume Using Google Docs

Separate Sections For Each Course You Took in College, Including GPA

Separate Sections For Activities, including GPA if they are high enough

Anecdotes are good! Give examples of when you were a leader. These can be from any activity, as long as they’re relevant.

End On A Strong Note With The Personal Statement

Extra Recommendations Are Nice To Have But Not Necessary

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