If you have become suspicious that your Google account may have been stole, you’re not alone! It’s extremely common and happens every day to thousands of people across the globe. With some simple checks and techniques outlined below, you can easily find out if your Google account has been stole or not, and take action fast if it has! Let’s get started! How to know if your Google account has been stole

Check the login activity history

You can view recent activity for both Gmail and Google+. If you see any suspicious logins, change your password immediately.

Contact support

Contacting a live person is almost always better than submitting a ticket, particularly when it comes to sensitive or urgent issues. Most companies want you to use an online form instead of picking up their phone, but if you’re unsure about how to reach out (or whether a real person will answer), look for contact us or help center on a website before you start dialing. Then, call and tell them that you have something urgent/sensitive/critical that requires human interaction.

How to know if your Google account has been hacked
How to know if your Google account has been stole

Use Google’s My Account tools

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Log into your Google Account, click Security and then click Manage Apps. All third-party apps linked to your account will be displayed here, as well as other security settings that can help you keep tabs on potential intruders. Just remember: If you delete an app, it won’t work until you reinstall it from its original source.

Change your password

Changing your password regularly is crucial for both security and privacy reasons. If you change it frequently enough, it will render any potential data breach harmless as it won’t have time to capture all of your credentials. This way, even if someone gets hold of some of them, they won’t be able to access anything useful.

Check the list of applications with access to your account

If you have a Gmail account, it’s possible that an application with access to your Gmail is compromised. Log into Gmail and click on Account in the upper right corner of your screen.

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