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How To Know Active SIM on your personal Identity? Now the Department of Telecommunications has given instructions to take action against those who have more than one SIMs. If a customer keeps more than the specified number, then he will have to do KYC of all the SIMs. Let’s know about it…

Why is it important to know how many SIMs are activated on your ID?

If you have a SIM activated on your ID that you are not using, then you may have to bear the consequences. For example, if wrong or illegal activities are going on with the SIM registered with your ID, then you will be in trouble. So it becomes very important for us to know how many SIMs are active on your ID.


How To Know Active SIM

The Department of Telecom has prepared Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection (TAFCOP). For this he has also launched a portal The database of all the mobile numbers operating across the country is uploaded in this portal. From here you can find out how many SIMs are active on your ID. If someone is using SIM on your ID, then you can also complain about it. This process takes only 30 seconds.

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Step By Step Follow This Process How To Know Active SIM

  • Firstly visit the portal.
  • Here enter your mobile number in the box and login with the help of OTP.
  • Now the details of all those numbers will come which are running from your ID.
  • If there is a number on the list that you do not know, then you can report it.
  • For this, select the number and ‘This is not my number’.
  • Now enter the name written in the ID in the box above.
  • Now click on the Report box at the bottom.
  • After making a complaint, customers also given a ticket ID reference number.

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