With many of us relying on our smartphones to hold our most personal information, you want to make sure that no one is getting access to your data without your permission. Sadly, malicious apps are out there, and they are ready to steal as much of your data as possible if you aren’t careful with how you use your phone. Make sure you take these steps to keep your information safe from malicious Android apps today! How to Keep Your Data Safe From Malicious Android Apps

5 Tips For Avoiding App Malware
Stay away from pirated apps. Free is great, but free with malware or spyware isn’t—and it could put your data in peril. Only download apps from trusted sources, like Google Play.

Know the Applications You Are Installing
The key word here is know. Before downloading or installing any apps, search for them and read customer reviews. To avoid accidentally downloading malware, make sure you have Google Play Protect enabled on your device; it scans each app before installation and alerts you if an app poses a threat. You can also enable notifications on your device that will warn you if you download apps from unknown sources.

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Only Download From Trusted Sources
With hundreds of thousands of apps available for Google’s operating system, it’s hard to know which ones are safe and which ones aren’t. To start, stick with well-known app stores like Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Apple’s App Store. If you choose to go a different route, try downloading from websites that specialize in finding and curating mobile applications.

How to Keep Your Data Safe From Malicious Android Apps
How to Keep Your Data Safe From Malicious Android Apps

Read the Permissions Section Carefully
Before downloading any app, always check out what permissions it requires. For example, a calculator app probably doesn’t need access to your location and SMS logs, so you should avoid these. Even apps that are less malicious may request way more than they actually need—in which case you should think twice about downloading them in general. If an app asks for more permissions than it needs, be sure to decline it when installing.

Use an Antivirus App
Did you know that, by default, most Android devices come with no antivirus software installed? Not only is your device susceptible to malware, but your data is vulnerable too. Never download an app from a source you don’t trust or that hasn’t been reviewed thoroughly. Install anti-virus software on your phone as soon as possible—or any other mobile device you use for work—and make sure it updates regularly.

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Stay Updated On Security News
To keep your data safe from malicious apps, you should always stay updated on security news. Before downloading any app, make sure that you check which permissions it requests and if there’s anything suspicious about it (it’s free? It offers premium features for free? It has more than 5 million downloads?). Be especially cautious when downloading popular apps.

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