If you’re getting the error The file VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing when trying to run applications on Windows 10, you can fix this issue by updating to the latest version of DirectX and installing the redistributable package (DirectX). This will reinstall the file that’s missing and allow your computer to run your applications again. See more details below on how to update your DirectX and install the redistributable package (DirectX) on Windows 10. How to Fix the VCRUNTIME140 dll is Missing Error on Windows 10

2 Methods to fix the VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing error

Most users are all too familiar with Windows errors, but not a lot of people know how to fix these issues. For example, if you get a vcruntime140 dll missing error message, there’s no reason to worry, as it’s easy to resolve! Before we take a look at how you can fix that specific error message and others like it, it’s worth spending a few minutes understanding what error messages are in general and why they appear.

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Method 1: Update Direct X

To fix dll error, you can check and download or update your Direct X first. You may visit Microsoft’s website to download and install updated version of Direct X on your computer running Windows 10 operating system. After installing Direct X, you need to restart your computer and check if it helps in fixing vcruntime140 dll missing error.

Method 2: Fix the issue by reinstalling Visual C++ Redistributable Package

The first method that we are going to use in order to fix vcrunti160. dll error is reinstalling Visual C++ Redistributable Package, using which you can resolve vcruntime160. dll not found or other related issues effectively.

What is VCRUNTIME140_1 dll error?

The system files are corrupted and broken, and you might get an error message when you start up your computer or open a program for a reason that there is corruptions in some of system files required by applications to run properly. Then, if you find that one or more of dll files are missing from your computer, it can also happen because of some virus attacks which may infect dll files and results in its disappearance as well as errors with application that use those dll file.

How to Fix the VCRUNTIME140 dll is Missing Error on Windows 10
How to Fix the VCRUNTIME140 dll is Missing Error on Windows 10

How do I download and install VCRUNTIME140 dll?

Many computer users have reported issues with missing VCRUNTIME140 dll file which has led them to encounter a very annoying and commonly known error named The procedure entry point_vcruntime14_InitializeCriticalSectionEx could not be located in the dynamic link library c: vcruntime 140 .dll The error code displays when trying to install older programs or run older software on a newer version of windows.

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Where can I find VCRUNTIME140 dll?

It’s a Visual C++ Redistributable Package, which you can download from Microsoft official website, just click here and follow its installation instruction until finish! The System File Checker (SFC) tool in Windows also lets you repair missing or corrupted system files like dll and ocx, just open your start menu, search for SFC, right click it and select Run as administrator. Follow the following steps

How do you’re-register the VCRUNTIME140 dll file?

This method works for most users. To run it, you will need a working installation of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (x86). This can be downloaded from Microsoft’s official website. In case your computer is still not able to start after following all these steps, we recommend downloading a professional windows repair tool, such as Reimage Repair , which can thoroughly check your system and completely fix related errors, including those caused by dll files in registry corruption problem.

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