Do you know how to copy the contents of an image and paste it into Word or other word processing program? It’s very easy to do and there are several ways to accomplish this. The most common way to copy text from an image is by using MS Paint or another graphics editing program that supports the copying of text. However, if you don’t have access to another editing program, you can use any picture editor that allows you to copy and paste (like Microsoft Picture Manager). To accomplish this, follow these steps below. How to Copy Words from a Picture

What Is Text Recognition?
Text recognition allows you to copy words from an image and paste them into your own documents. Here’s how it works, plus some tips for getting it right.

Free Tools for OCR
Optical character recognition (OCR) is software that automatically reads text in images and recognizes it as actual written words, which you can then copy and paste. We’ll look at three free tools for OCR, two for Windows and one for Macs. You don’t need fancy or expensive software for basic OCR; most computers come with built-in readers that work just fine. But sometimes these might not be good enough—or you might want some additional features, like optical flow technology, which makes sure words are copied correctly even if they’re messy or have been handwritten.

How to Copy Words from a Picture
How to Copy Words from a Picture

Common Use Cases for OCR
There are many common use cases for OCR, but it can most easily be used when it is necessary to copy text or data off of images. This has numerous applications, including translating foreign languages into ones that are more readable and processable. For example, if you wanted an electronic version of a hard-to-read book, you could scan each page of it with an OCR program and then export all of that text in an easy-to-read format.

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