Have you just bought a new computer? If so, you may want to authorize your new computer on iTunes so that you can access the music, movies, and other media that you purchased from iTunes with your old computer. While you can use an iPod to listen to and watch content that you have previously purchased through iTunes, you cannot transfer your purchases over to your new computer unless it has been authorized on iTunes as well. In this article, we will explain how to authorize a computer on iTunes so that you can easily access all of your media files when you need them the most. How to Authorize a Computer on iTunes

Log in to your iTunes account

The first step in authorizing a computer is logging into your iTunes account. To do so, open iTunes and click on Account > Authorizations > Authorize This Computer. A prompt will appear that asks for your Apple ID and password. Enter these details and hit OK. The process of authorizing computers can also be completed from an iOS device; tap Settings > Store, then tap where it says Use Your Apple ID for iBooks, App Store, and More followed by Authorize This Computer.

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Click your name at the top right corner

Click your name, then click Account and then click Authorizations. Click Add Another Authorization or Deauthorization. You can also deauthorize all computers at once by clicking Deauthorize All. Click OK when you’re done. You may need to restart your computer for changes to take effect. If you don’t see any of these options, make sure that you are signed in with an Apple ID that has authorization to use iTunes. If not, sign out of your account and sign back in using an Apple ID that has authorization.

Click Account Info

If you authorize your computer, you’ll be able to play songs and videos that you’ve bought from any of your devices. In order to do so, however, you must authorize your computer via iTunes. Click Account Info in the pop-up menu if it doesn’t take you there automatically. Click Devices under Authorizations and enter your Apple ID and password if prompted. Select which devices are authorized by clicking Enable or Disable next to each device name and click Done when finished.

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Click Devices Managed

If you’re trying to authorize a new computer, click Devices Managed in order to do so. Choose your Apple ID and click Authorize. The next screen will ask you which devices you want your content authorized for; only tick off those that you plan on using at present or in future.

How to Authorize a Computer on iTunes
How to Authorize a Computer on iTunes

Click Deauthorize All

You can deauthorize all of your computers by clicking on Deauthorize All next to your name in iTunes. If you plan on using multiple computers, it’s easier to manually authorize each one than to deal with un-authorizing and re-authorizing later. This way, you won’t have to worry about accidentally authorizing a computer that you no longer use.

Enter Apple ID password and click Deauthorize

Once you’ve authorized your computer, you can view your Apple ID Summary. This screen shows how many computers are authorized, and when they’ll be expiring. To see how much time is left before your authorization expires, simply click Deauthorize All at top of screen.

How do I add an authorized computer to iTunes?

To add a computer to your account, go to your Authorizations list in iTunes. Select Authorize This Computer, enter your Apple ID and password, and click Authorize. You can authorize up to five computers at one time. If you want to deauthorize a computer, select it in your Authorizations list and click Deauthorize. Note that you can only deauthorize one computer at a time.

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Why can’t I authorize my computer on iTunes?

You may see an Authorization Failed error message when you try to authorize your computer with iTunes. This usually happens if you’ve exceeded five computers that can be authorized with your Apple ID. You might see this error message even if you haven’t exceeded your limit, but one of your other computers is no longer active. To resolve these errors, deauthorize all computers except for one—the computer you’ll use most often. Then, reauthorize only that computer using your Apple ID.

How do I authorize my computer for iTunes on my Iphone?

Log into your account. Go to Authorizations and log out of all computers listed. I had two, and I logged out of both of them. Now you can have a separate computer for each one in case you have an old computer that you do not want authorizing with your new one. If it still does not work call Apple Support at 1-800-MY-APPLE and they will help walk you through it. good luck! Hope I could help…

How many devices can Itunes authorize?

If you have multiple devices, don’t worry. You can authorize up to five different computers at once. You can also deauthorize any or all of those devices in case you sell or trade one in for a new one. So how do you deauthorize your computer? Simply open up iTunes and follow these steps:

—Click on Store from within iTunes and select Authorize This Computer… —Next, enter your Apple ID and password when prompted and click Authorize. —If it is already authorized, click Deauthorize This Computer… instead.

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