Arora was a teenager living in the foster care system who ran away from her abusive foster mother to track down the father she never knew but who had abandoned her when she was born, inadvertently ending up in Lucifer’s realm where she met and fell in love with Crowley. She became pregnant and while she was giving birth, Crowley sold her soul to an angel in exchange for getting his own soul back; the angel then brought Arora back to Earth as an angel but without her memories of her time in Hell or her family. How Rory became an angel and how she killed Lucifer

Prelude – Before becoming an Angel

In The Sinnerman, we are first introduced to Arora as a normal human being. Her parents where poor and they lived in Texas. Arora was frequently bullied by her classmates due to her poverty but she never let it get to her. In middle school, at only 12 years old, Arora befriended a girl named Angie Corrado (season 6). Angie would become one of Arora’s best friends and confidants throughout high school.

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Becoming an Angel

The story of how Arora (now known as Rory) becomes an angel, was by no means a walk in the park. When her parents were young they saw a glowing light in their room and when they investigated found that they’d conceived Arora. The baby would be born to become one of God’s warriors on Earth; with powers only limited by her imagination. As they grew up, her parents trained and prepared her for whatever might come.

How Rory became an angel and how she killed Lucifer
How Rory became an angel and how she killed Lucifer

Waging War against the Darkness

Anyone can be tempted by demons. To get rid of their influence is one thing, but to destroy them is a greater task altogether. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about being in a war against darkness that has claimed many souls. It includes things like: understanding what they are, what they look like, who they want as hosts, how to fight back, etc. Things you should probably know if you want to go on living instead of being tempted into oblivion!

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Saving Castiel

In Season 5’s Swan Song, we learned that when Lucifer is about to kill Dean, Sam, and Castiel, he uses his power to transport Castiel somewhere. The show reveals a new time stream where Sam had never met Dean or Jack, thus preventing him from saving Dean from Hell. In 2014 (Season 11), we discover that in order to defeat Lucifer at all costs, Dean sells his soul in exchange for bringing Cas back.

Conquering New Friends and Foes

While not technically an enemy, after betraying her creator Gabriel, God did kick her out of Heaven. Upon arriving on Earth, she was forced to make a deal with former foe Asmodeus. He gave her his grace so that when Lucifer does come back to Hell (which happened before), he’ll be too weak to stop Asmodeus taking over as ruler of Hell.

The End of All Things

We first saw Arora in season six’s episode, The End of All Things. On Earth, as a young girl living in India, Arora was hit by a car driven by none other than … Lucifer himself. (Oh, those younger days!) As he passes her on his way to becoming God, he apologizes for hitting her with his car but says he’ll make it up to her later.

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