La casa de papel (English: Money Heist) is an award-winning Spanish heist television series created by Álex Pina and directed by Alberto Rodriguez and David Schächter. The series traces two long-prepared heists led by the Professor (Álvaro Morte), one on the Royal Mint of Spain, and the other on the Bank of Spain, carried out by an organized crime gang and their hostages, which include police officers, security guards, and politicians. How Money Heist Captured the Hearts of Viewers Worldwide

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A heartwarming story about teamwork

The series, which is known in English as The House of Paper and tells the story of a group of people that manage to steal 14 million euros from the Royal Mint of Spain, has captivated viewers worldwide. It’s no surprise considering the series’ superb acting and character development, which not only makes viewers empathize with the people involved but also root for them. While some may prefer shorter episodes in their TV shows nowadays, there’s something immensely satisfying about watching characters develop before your eyes over the course of an entire season. Even though each episode follows a different character’s point-of-view (or perspective), fans found themselves enthralled with all stories nonetheless. This is thanks to very natural dialogue between characters and impressive performance by actors in every role they played.

Money Heist Series Trailer

When I first heard about Álex Pina’s newest crime drama, Money Heist (Spanish: La casa de papel, [la ˈkasa de paˈpel], The House of Paper), I was a bit skeptical. You see, you can never go wrong with a well-thought out heist movie, but to tell one from an eight-episode limited series based solely on paper sounds absurd—how will they show us stealing money?

A show like no other

Usually, if a show doesn’t get off to a strong start in the ratings, it’s swiftly canceled by the network. However, sometimes a television program has something so unique about it that it captivates audiences and does quite well despite bad reviews from critics. One example is the crime drama La Casa de Papel, or The House of Paper in English (though its original title is more meaningful). The first season follows two professional criminals who lead two different heists, one on the Royal Mint of Spain and another at an undisclosed location. Each episode brings viewers deeper into their operation as they plan these operations with help from a team of people who have been planning them for several years beforehand.

An excellent cast with universal appeal

It doesn’t take a genius to know that casting for the lead roles in a heist movie is important, but few could have foreseen the global appeal that Álex Pina managed to secure with the two main characters. For Professor and The Woman, Pina found just the right actor and actress: Alberto Ammann and Nadia de Santiago, both relatively unknown actors whose on-screen chemistry somehow manages to work like clockwork. And if you’re not convinced yet—both actors are supported by an incredibly talented cast, many of whom have gone on to land major Hollywood roles since their inclusion in La casa de papel.

How Money Heist Captured the Hearts of Viewers Worldwide
How Money Heist Captured the Hearts of Viewers Worldwide

Is Money Heist a true story?

No, but it is based on real events. Spanish television series are known for using real life crimes as inspiration for their stories and that’s exactly what happened with Money Heist. Álex Pina, creator of Money Heist, found inspiration in a 1997 heist led by a man named Marcial Dorado and his crew who planned to rob Banco Central de Barcelona in Catalan Square. On September 30th, 1997 they used a truck to drive through both revolving doors at once while another member shot two guards to death. After killing both guards and taking over 100 million pesetas worth of gold bars, they escaped on a getaway motorcycle driven by their getaway driver Roberto Ríos González.

Is there a season 6 of Money Heist?

there has been no official announcement regarding a sixth season. Although, many fans believe that it is highly likely for another season to be made due to its popularity and success. The show’s creator, Álex Pina, confirmed in an interview with Antena 3 that he was planning on making a third and fourth series of La casa de papel (Money Heist). In addition, he also confirmed that they were working on two new projects: one being an English-language remake called The House of Paper .

Creativity from the directors and screenwriters

The show stars Álvaro Morte, Belén Rueda, Imanol Arias, Yon González and María Valverde. It was written by three screenwriters and directed by two directors. Each episode has been coordinated by a different director: Cesc Gay for the first two episodes, Sandra Hernández for the third one, Carlos Marques-Marcet for the fourth one, José Luis Escolar for the fifth one, Paco Leon and Sergio Andrés as co-directors of the sixth one and Carlos Sedes directing himself in a seventh episode along with Javier Fesser. The other six were directed by Alberto Rodríguez.

Daring filming techniques

The interior scenes were filmed in the old Royal Mint building located in Madrid, while all exteriors were shot in a specially-constructed set near Barcelona. There, the crew built an entire city block of fake apartment buildings and businesses that served as a facade for the real building: the actual Casa de la Moneda. The two sets are indistinguishable from one another, making it hard to tell where the set ends and reality begins.

How Money Heist Captured the Hearts of Viewers Worldwide
How Money Heist Captured the Hearts of Viewers Worldwide

Never boring viewers even for a moment

Keeping the viewer hooked with an interesting plot is no easy feat. After all, not every storyline keeps people watching; anyone who has ever had to sit through the final season of a show knows how quickly things can get stale if the story isn’t up to par. In Money Heist, viewers are never bored—in fact, they’re always eager for what’s coming next. The writers and producers behind the series have done a remarkable job creating stories that evolve from one episode to the next but still keep you interested as you follow a new scene. It helps that each character has their own part in the heist—and you want each person to succeed on his or her own terms.

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Film inspired Alex Piña to make money heist

The first time that Alex Pina had heard about heists was in one of his favorite movies, and it was all downhill from there. Growing up with a criminal lawyer father, Pina developed an affinity for bank robbery stories early on in life. But it wasn’t until he watched Heat that he realized just how much he liked them. He immediately thought of robbing banks after seeing Al Pacino disguise himself as a delivery man to gain access to a bank, even though that part didn’t make sense to him at first. Then years later when a friend told him about Breaking Bad and said they robbed banks on TV now, Pina couldn’t believe it — but immediately wanted to see what other television shows were out there like it.

The Professor’s Master Plan: How La casa de papel Pulled Off the Biggest Heist in TV History

Looking back on 2017, it’s hard to argue that any other show made as big of an impact as La casa de papel (Money Heist). The Spanish heist drama premiered in May on Netflix and later became the first non-English language show to receive an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series. The worldwide success of the show shouldn’t come as much of a surprise — especially when you consider just how intricate this series was from top to bottom.

A team of experts

That being said, it’s no surprise that two of the biggest names behind the show are Álex Pina and Álvaro Morte, who worked together on Money Heist before teaming up with Netflix to create The Professors master plan. Knowing what went into their first project provides some context for their follow-up heist. Still, it takes a lot of people to put together something like The House of Paper.

How Money Heist Captured the Hearts of Viewers Worldwide
How Money Heist Captured the Hearts of Viewers Worldwide

Planning every detail

What made the show so successful, however, was its meticulous preparation. The most notable heist—the one at the Royal Mint of Spain—came with a three-year period of planning and execution. Before production began on season one, producers mapped out each episode’s events and how they would tie into an overarching master plan. Once filming started, they began to leave Easter eggs that would be important to later seasons. For example, before the first robbery even occurs, characters are seen putting on latex gloves during dialogue scenes.

A grandiose scale

Over the course of several episodes, the Professor has meticulously executed a master plan to steal more than €20 million worth of gold bullion from the Royal Mint. The operation has been building up slowly, like a grandiose production; every detail perfectly planned and orchestrated. From The House of Paper being constructed right outside the Royal Mint—presumably so that he could watch it and wait for the perfect time to strike—to using homemade body armor to thwart gunshots from policemen who came to stop him, there are few things about which his crew hasn’t thought ahead. The long-term planning is an integral part of what makes The House of Paper so riveting. Everything feels planned with military precision; nothing seems arbitrary or left up to chance.

An unlimited budget

Let’s be honest—La casa de papel is a fictional show. The Royal Mint of Spain doesn’t print large sheets of one-euro bills, and it would take an insane amount of time to count up that much cash. But we should give credit where credit is due: Show creators Álex Pina and Javier Mendías created an incredible heist for their characters, with unlimited funds to work with. The best part? Because it was fiction, they could get away with anything—literally!

An elaborate way to hide money

Money is dirty. But not everyone thinks that money is dirty enough to be laundered, let alone stolen. That’s what makes La Casa de Papel—the House of Paper—such a surprise hit. The Spanish heist drama follows a small group of criminals as they plot to steal 2 billion euros (roughly $2.5 billion) from a Royal Mint facility in Madrid and fly off into the sunset with their treasure.

Unanimous teamwork

One of a trio of movies Álex Pina has directed for Antena 3’s most successful franchise, Money Heist centers on one of its best known characters, The Professor (Álvaro Morte), and his crew’s biggest heist yet. We chose to work with Antena 3 because they gave us freedom and confidence to innovate, says Pina. They allowed us to bet big—not only on a creative level but also on an economic level. This is very rare in Spanish television. With them we could take risks that we would not have been able to take with other broadcasters.

An exit strategy

The Professor has been planning his heist for years, but not without a backup plan. If everything goes according to plan (and, even then, there are surprises), he and his team should be able to walk away with millions of euros. But if they get caught or things don’t go as planned? They’ll need an out — some way to end it all on their own terms. In short, they need an exit strategy.

Chapter 1 – Planning

Álvaro Morte is a meticulous planner. The first step to success is being methodical and exacting, which is why it took him two years to plan the Royal Mint heist. Morte required top-of-the-line planning tools and technology to pull off the theft. As you begin your own business, it’s important to be methodical and exacting, too. Just as with Álvaro Morte, there are many tools available at low or no cost to help you achieve your goals (such as software, apps and websites). Once you have those tools at your disposal, use them frequently throughout the duration of your business—and don’t stop just because you launch!

How Money Heist Captured the Hearts of Viewers Worldwide
How Money Heist Captured the Hearts of Viewers Worldwide

Chapter 2 – Execution

The story of the team behind the series’ biggest theft, The House of Paper, begins in 2014. In an office building near Madrid’s Atocha train station, a group led by Álex Pina—an executive producer who had previously produced the Spanish version of Prison Break—met to discuss a new show. The general premise: A robbery so grandiose it could never be pulled off by real criminals. They envisioned a cast of eccentrics and oddballs who must pull off the heist with little more than their wits and will power to succeed…and perhaps some unexpected outside help along the way.

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Chapter 3 – Next Steps

In its first season, the show kept the audience guessing at every turn and ended with a jaw-dropping twist. The writers behind the show have made it clear that they’re not planning on letting up, either. Season 2 will be action-packed from beginning to end, but audiences should expect even more unexpected twists along the way. If you plan on binge-watching (if there’s such a thing), make sure you leave enough time for sleep—you won’t want to miss any of the drama! Also, don’t forget about the second season of Money Heist when it premieres later this year!

Q & A

Do they get caught in Money Heist?

The series stars Julián López as the Professor, who leads a team of specialists plotting the heist and takes them step-by-step through his detailed plan, which they only know as The House of Paper. The initial crime goes off smoothly, but their celebrations are cut short when it becomes clear that someone has stolen nearly half a billion euros. Suddenly all eyes turn to the Professor and his crew.

Does agent Sienna die in money heist?

Everyone loves a good heist. No matter what country you’re from, as long as you understand how to count past 10, you can enjoy something like Ocean’s 11 (or 13). The formula is always simple: a team gets together and creates an elaborate plan to steal something really valuable. What sets some heists apart is how well they’re executed—and there’s no shortage of those in Money Heist. First off, if you haven’t watched it yet, do yourself a favor and binge it now on Netflix.

What is money heist mania?

The Spanish-language crime drama is more than just a hit with millennials and young adults: it’s a phenomenon. In Spain, where Money Heist premiered on Spanish TV network Antena 3 in April 2017, interest in it has peaked: The number of Google searches for Money Heist went from 20,000 to 1.7 million between March 2017 and January 2018. International interest has also exploded: On Twitter, there are 5 times as many mentions about Money Heist in English as there are in Spanish. Here’s why!

How Money Heist Captured the Hearts of Viewers Worldwide
How Money Heist Captured the Hearts of Viewers Worldwide

Who is Denver from money heist dating?

Denver is one of several orphaned children that lives in Casablanca Orphanage, located near Madrid. The orphanage is a cover for a money laundering operation that’s run by Pati (Carlos Álvarez). When she was 7 years old, an earthquake struck her home town and killed her family. Her adoptive father taught her how to play chess and checkers, which are more than just games to her – they’re also tools for strategizing and planning, skills she’ll need to use during The Big Job.

Are they planning to kill Arturo from money heist?

Millions of fans were left distraught after it was revealed that main character Arturo would be killed off in Monday night’s finale. But why do fans think his fellow heist masterminds have turned on him? The boss behind Spanish crime drama La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) recently revealed that there were no plans to kill off much-loved character Arturo (Eduardo Noriega). However, he did not deny that a twist ending was still on the cards.

What is Ursula Cabrera part on money heist?

Ursula Cabrera, who plays nurse Marcela Kripak on Money Heist, is part of an ensemble cast that includes Álvaro Morte, Lara Lopez and Alberto Ammann. The show follows these characters as they plot two different heists at once: one to steal $20 million from a bank vault and another to rob an armored car. The show also stars Roberto Enríquez as Malo and Francisco Pérez-Bannen as Mateo Flórez. Ursula’s character Marcela works in a hospital that has connections to one of these criminal organizations; she is part of their elaborate plot.

What is the song they play in the last scene of money heist from Tokyo to Berlin?

The final scene uses a song called La Moneda (The Coin), by Uruguayan artist Ricardo Montaner. It was recorded specifically for that episode and it can be found in Spotify and Apple Music as well as other digital platforms. Montaner is one of his country’s most famous artists, having sold over 20 million albums worldwide. He has won 14 Grammy awards, 4 Latin Grammy awards, 6 Billboard Music Awards, 2 Lo Nuestro Awards and 3 World Music Awards. The song was first sung live at Spain’s TVE1 channel on June 8th 2017 before being featured in La Casa de Papel II’s final episode. [1] [2]

Who’s the Man Berlin attack in the bathroom in money heist?

When Royal Mint employee Jorge Molina was kidnapped, held hostage and tortured for 10 days in a sewer, his wife Maricruz prayed that her husband would stay strong. She also knew she needed to keep up her end of their plan to beat and escape their captors. He told me he was ready, Maricruz said. And as soon as they were freed after 12 days, Jorge headed straight back to work. The Spanish-language drama La Casa de Papel — known in English as Money Heist — debuted on Netflix June 9 with all 10 episodes available at once.

How Money Heist Captured the Hearts of Viewers Worldwide
How Money Heist Captured the Hearts of Viewers Worldwide

What episode does Helsinki attach explosives to Arturo in money heist?

If you haven’t heard about it, Money Heist is a Spanish heist drama that follows two long-prepared heists led by The Professor. The first is in Operation Breakout, where they try to steal 10 billion euros from a jail. In order to get access to their target, they have to kill someone. As part of a contingency plan in case something goes wrong, they attach explosives to Arturo, who has ulterior motives beyond just making money and providing for his family. He wants revenge on his boss and needs money in order to do so…so you know what happens next!

Does Professor get caught in Money Heist?

At one point, Professor (played by Álvaro Morte) is captured. Though he escapes and has a few more close calls with law enforcement, you don’t get much sense that his capture will be permanent; after all, he’s masterminded these huge bank robberies while remaining undetected for nearly a decade. Plus, since he’s still out there giving interviews about how he kept pulling off these incredibly complex crimes, it seems like he really did not get caught in Money Heist. That said…

How was Lisbon captured Money Heist?

The series’ creator, Alex Pina, didn’t want to make a show about financial crime for experts. Instead, he aimed to attract as many viewers as possible by using compelling characters and a setting that seemed relatable. I thought there was room for something else that would turn off fewer people, Pina told TV Guide . In other words, Pina wanted it to be fun—and having strong characters certainly helped with that! The number one rule: Make sure your audience will care about what happens next.

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Does The Professor get the gold back from Tatiana?

In Money Heist, almost every episode ends with a cliffhanger. While most fans may think that it is just an unnecessary addition to keep them interested, there is actually a method behind it! Each cliffhanger was planned very meticulously by Álex Pina and his team, keeping in mind all possible outcomes from previous episodes. This way, not only are fans surprised but also get intrigued to watch what happens next in their favorite series. The goal is to make viewers feel so invested in each episode that they can’t stop thinking about it until they watch its next installment! And who would have thought that preparation for such surprising episodes could be so methodical?

Does The Professor go to jail?

Well, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Alex Pina says he can neither confirm nor deny. While no arrests have been made yet, it doesn’t look good for El Profesor (Morte). He’s probably going to get caught. Money Heist is based on a story that took place in Valencia called The City Council Robbery, and while that caper ended with more than $19 million stolen, no one was ever caught. Is Pina trying to change history? Probably not. That’s not how storytelling works. But it would be a great twist if they made up new endings just because they could.

How Money Heist Captured the Hearts of Viewers Worldwide
How Money Heist Captured the Hearts of Viewers Worldwide

What was the big secret in Money Heist?

Spoiler Alert! Answer Below! While few other programs had managed to match its critical success, few series in recent years have garnered as much publicity as La Casa de Papel. Topping Spanish Twitter with hundreds of thousands of tweets every week while keeping everyone guessing until its climactic finale, many were left wondering just how such a big secret could remain such a big secret for so long. Spoiler alert: Answer below! Álex Pina, who co-created La Casa de Papel, had some surprises up his sleeve. In fact, he hid a key twist from cast and crew alike until production on season 2 began; only then did he reveal what was going to happen.

Why is The Professor so smart Money Heist?

Since there is only so much money in circulation at any given time, what The Professor and his team did was to replicate most of it. In other words, they didn’t steal actual bills. Instead, they stole paper with a promise to deliver real cash later. That’s not just smart—it’s crazy smart! Given how many banks have been hacked over recent years, people already know that their money isn’t safe in a bank account or even a vault protected by guards and cameras. But how does one get away with stealing a digital currency? Well, you don’t need to worry about getting caught if you’re willing to go full James Bond mode and prepare for every possible contingency ahead of time. Of course, being sneaky certainly helps as well.

How did Raquel join The Professor?

In order to become a part of his heist team, Raquel had to prove her loyalty to The Professor. She did so by turning in a man she previously worked with and handing him over to a crime syndicate boss named Marek (Sergi López). Because Marek believed that Raquel was going against their dealings, he threatened her by hanging her over an elevator shaft. But Raquel stood her ground—by killing herself and framing Marek for it. When The Professor hears about what she’s done, he immediately gives her a spot on his team, proving just how cunning she really is.

Who is the mole in Money Heist?

In 2017, Spanish-language television network Telemundo bought exclusive rights to broadcast and promote Money Heist in English-speaking markets. The show has been successful overseas, with recent airings in Brazil and Spain prompting even more viewers to seek out episodes online. Now there’s a new reason for audiences to follow along: It looks like there may be a mole involved with one of the heists. If you don’t want to risk being spoiled on anything more, then it’s probably best to avoid watching video clips or reading any other articles on Money Heist. But if you want a little spoiler-free intel on what might happen in future episodes, then read on!

How does Rio get caught?

What’s fascinating about watching a crime drama—especially one like La Casa de Papel, which is set in Spain and has a cast of Spanish actors—is witnessing cultural differences and noting how such things as language affect communication. In season one, there are multiple characters who end up getting caught because they don’t know Spanish well enough to keep their mouths shut during an interrogation; they say things that incriminate themselves. This might be difficult for Americans (who are used to speaking without worrying about verbatim translation) but it could also happen to you while traveling abroad. For example, saying something like I don’t speak Spanish can actually imply that you do speak Spanish; not exactly helpful if someone questions you on your whereabouts

What was the note professor gave to Rafael?

We need to show that even though we have a specific structure and rules, we’re still making it up as we go along. That makes it more exciting for us and for you. Our plan was to tell each story in one part. That gave us flexibility in terms of character development, since people could be introduced or killed off depending on what would be best for each individual episode. Also, if we had fewer episodes, viewers wouldn’t have time to get bored or lose interest in a storyline. We made a commitment not to prolong a story line unnecessarily just because it had an excellent hook at its core. So after five parts, we decided whether something had run its course; if so, it was shelved until further notice.

Was Rafael stealing the gold part of the plan?

In a recent interview, Álex Pina, creator of Money Heist talked about how he began writing the series. He noted that You have to write what you like and what you know and in his case, he knew an armed robbery—from his own experience. In 1988, Pina was part of an armed robbery in Spain that resulted in a 4-year prison sentence for him. After getting out of prison (and after turning down some other interesting offers), Pina began working on what would become La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) with close friend Javier Olivares – seven years before it debuted on Spanish television as ‘La casa de la pradera’. The rest is history… or is it?

How Money Heist Captured the Hearts of Viewers Worldwide
How Money Heist Captured the Hearts of Viewers Worldwide

Does Money Heist have a happy ending?

Few television series are as successful at building excitement and suspense while breaking taboos. Audiences around the world followed Money Heist avidly, and wondered if there would be a happy ending—even when they knew it was inevitable that things would work out well for Professor. The most talked-about scene in all episodes involved money falling from a helicopter over Barcelona, an homage to many B-movies that couldn’t help but evoke associations with Hitchcock’s classic Vertigo . We were excited to learn about plans for future seasons. There is nothing quite like Money Heist on TV right now, and we can’t wait to see what comes next!

Did Berlin’s son steal the gold?

Directed by Álex Pina, Money Heist is a Spanish crime drama set in Madrid. The series follows a criminal mastermind named The Professor and his team who plot a masterful heist targeting millions of euros kept inside a prison. Throughout its three seasons, some viewers were left to question: Who is Javier Berlin, Jr.? Is he even real? I’m here to tell you that there is no question he’s not real — and that’s why it works so well. Instead, Javier Berlin Jr. is actually an amalgamation of various people who helped create Money Heist.

Who stole the gold from Professor?

More so than any other show, La Casa de Papel is noted for its cliffhangers and plot twists. But for all that, perhaps none was as mind-boggling as its long con—the Professor’s lie about who had stolen his gold. In episode six, a character named El Número (The Number) confesses to stealing it; in episode seven, he’s murdered by The Bomber.

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