Helsinki, the protagonist of Netflix’s Money Heist Korea, has been falsely charged with a crime he didn’t commit and must now team up with his ex-prisonmate in order to pull off the greatest heist of all time in order to get his freedom back. Although the show was first released on Spanish television in 2015, it has since become very popular in many other countries, including South Korea. The main character of this show, Helsinki, played by Kim Ji-hun, has now become one of the most recognized faces in Korean entertainment. Helsinki Money Heist Korea: Kim Ji-hun as the Face of the Korean Heist

Kim Ji-hun Play as Helsinki

The face for any heist is important. But if you’re planning to rob an entire country? You need someone who not only looks like he belongs in power but also has proven they can get into a lot of places undetected. If that sounds familiar, it should; popular Netflix show Money Heist hired actor Kim Ji-hun to play a lead role in season two based off his resemblance to former Spanish prime minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. Most recently, however, Kim was cast by newbie film director Lee Seok-hee to play Helsinki in his big screen adaptation of The Thieves—and it was a fantastic choice.

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Who is Kim Ji-hun?

Kim Ji-hun is a South Korean actor and singer. Kim made his acting debut in 2005 with a minor role in The President’s Last Bang. He then appeared in films Jumong and Princess Aurora before taking on supporting roles in television series. He then gained recognition for his leading roles in television dramas Beethoven Virus (2010), Insu,

Helsinki Money Heist Korea: Kim Ji-hun as the Face of the Korean Heist
Helsinki Money Heist Korea: Kim Ji-hun as the Face of the Korean Heist

The Queen of Office (2011), God’s Gift – 14 Days (2014) and Scent of a Woman (2016). Kim then played male protagonist Park Bong Soo opposite Chae Soo Bin in crime thriller film Trespass (2017).

How did he start his career?

It all started when he was a part of an underground fighting group known for its ability to blend in and move without being seen. Then, one day in 2009, a video clip featuring him doing martial arts surfaced online and became an instant hit on YouTube. Following that success was his role in The Man From Nowhere where he played a badass with bad hair! Finally in 2012 came Lee Jung-jin’s directorial debut – Vacation, which also starred Lee Jeongguk who played Helsinki’s son. The movie broke box office records.

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Did he appear in anything before Money Heist?

Yes. This isn’t his first gig on television but it is his most high profile role to date. Before he was cast in The Face Shop: A Strange Store, he appeared in Uncontrollably Fond and Misaeng. The latter aired around the same time as another popular cable series called Reply 1988 which starred Lee Hye-ri.

Helsinki Money Heist Korea: Kim Ji-hun as the Face of the Korean Heist
Helsinki Money Heist Korea: Kim Ji-hun as the Face of the Korean Heist

What are some of his achievements?

He’s starred in Shining Inheritance, Heading to The Ground, and has been a part of other famous drama series such as Moon Embracing The Sun and The King 2 Hearts. He’s won awards such as KBS Drama Awards: Male Top Excellence Award for his roles in Park Jae-Jung’s Heading to The Ground (2013) and Moon Eun-Ah’s Shining Inheritance (2014). For his role in Wang Sonae’s Love Story, he won a MBC Drama Awards : New Star Award. In 2016, he was cast in tvN drama Mr.

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What do you want to know about him?

I want to know what people think about him on his role in Money Heist. I’m sure many would be curious on how he feels being a South Korean actor who appeared as a South Korean character in a foreign film. And I bet they’re eager to see if any part of himself is reflected in Helsinki’s character. And I’m here to deliver just that! It’s great knowing that we have someone like him representing our country and pursuing his dream in another country, inspiring others not only to pursue their dreams but also allowing them to see where they can go if they follow it. So let’s find out more about him with my interview with HIM!

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