Heartstopper, an upcoming Netflix Original movie starring Mike Houston and Alyssa Arciero, will be released on April 22. Heartstopper follows Houston as he struggles to regain control of his life when his heart suddenly stops beating during cardiac surgery. It’s up to his best friend and cardiologist, played by Arciero, to figure out what happened to him and save him from this fate before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Houston must confront the demons that are plaguing him in order to find hope in his situation. Heartstopper will be released on Netflix on April 22

Heartstopper is now streaming on Netflix

NETFLIX has acquired NETFLIX! [Insert a link to Netflix] Heartstopper starring actor Larry (Larry Gets Made Fun Of By His Wife) and his wife Helen. NETFLIX is releasing April 22 at 7PM Pacific Time. This may or may not have anything to do with an ending of a relationship for Larry, who’s getting no love from his wife in that department, because she can only think about her internet boyfriend.

What others are saying about Heartstopper

Critics are raving about Heartstopper and its intense, heart-pounding adventure through hell. At SXSW last month, it won a Special Jury Award. I’ve never seen anything like it, one juror said of the film. It does not feel like anything I’ve ever seen before. The movie has also received acclaim from other critics at festivals around the world. And here’s what they have to say: I can honestly say that Heartstopper is unlike any other movie I have ever seen. It is an intense thrill ride that will keep you on your toes until its shocking conclusion. Go see it! You won’t regret it!

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What the stars say about their roles in Heartstopper

NETFLIX’s sci-fi horror Heartstopper comes out April 22. The stars reveal what they love about their roles. Jason Sudeikis’s character features in a sex scene with his young stepdaughter and Kerry Washington’s co-star was the one thing that inspired real terror, says Washington.

The making of Heartstopper

At three minutes long, Beautiful Stranger is one of those YouTube masterpieces that people just have to watch. If you’re looking for a way to spend a few hours, check out Joe Penna’s channel and marvel at his work. There are so many videos that it’s hard to pick just one, but Beautiful Stranger is truly amazing and deserves recognition.

How to watch

It’s easy to watch it online. Click here to start watching! You can also buy or rent it in stores and in digital formats, including HD Digital, Blu-rayTM and DVD. Want to know more? Check out our FAQ page or write a review! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

April 22 release date, where, who is in it?

It’s available worldwide. The film stars Lily Cole and has an original soundtrack from James Bay. Heartstopper is rated R for its strong language and adult themes. More information about who’s in it, a trailer, or where to watch it can be found here. And please remember that all our content is copyright protected.

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When Will Volume 6 of heart stopper come out?

Although there is not a specified date for volume 6 of heart stopper, rumors say that it might come out in late October or November. However, they have not confirmed anything. And even though we all hope that season 6 comes out very soon, don’t get your hopes up because most of these rumors are not true and can be false. So we just have to wait until they confirm it officially.

Universal theme of heart stopper Vol 2

Heart stopper 2 is based off a universal theme of life and self-exploration. It is about trying to figure out what is really important in your life and what should really matter to you at that given moment in time. I think that can resonate with people because they don’t have any obligation or thing holding them back from finding out what they want in life.

Is Heartstopper on Webtoon the same as the book?

No, they are two completely different stories! We wanted to bring a completely new story to life through Heartstopper. Webtoon readers were really excited to see more of Eun Min and he’s been such a joy to create. The webtoon version of Heartstopper is about time travel and parallel universes, whereas our book/movie is about love and running away from it.

Heartstopper will be released on Netflix on April 22
Heartstopper will be released on Netflix on April 22

What is Heartstopper about?

Alex’s life is perfect. She has a good job, nice friends, and a great fiancé. She leads a happy, normal life in her small-town hometown of Heartstopper. But everything comes to an end when she finds out that some terrible event happened at her ten-year high school reunion. This forces Alex to make a decision; either pack up and leave Heartstopper or stay and find out what happened at her reunion.

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Is Heartstopper a book or a comic?

Heartstopper is a graphic novel. NetFlix describes it as such A young woman who, in her quest to become a great magician, runs away from home and joins an act with five eccentric tricksters. The team creates heart-stopping illusions for an audience at first, but soon they’re pulling off bank heists during their performances, and everything spirals out of control. (Source: NETFLIX)

Is Heartstopper a good book?

If you like horror, suspense, and thrillers that keep you guessing, then you’ll love Heartstopper. It’s an unpredictable novel with creepy twists that keep you reading way past your bedtime. The ending is a total shocker—but it also makes perfect sense! Don’t judge a book by its cover: If you didn’t know what genre Heartstopper was based on its title alone, your instincts would probably have steered clear of it.

How many Heartstopper books are out?

Heartstopper is a series. Book 1, Heartstopper was published in May 2016 and Book 2, The Last Heartbreaker was published in February 2017. A third book titled Redriven is planned for publication in July 2017. There are currently three books planned for the series and so far that’s all we know.

Is Heartstopper inappropriate?

The film Heartstopper is sure to stir up controversy as it looks into morality, ethics and religious affiliation. In accordance with Catholic Christian doctrine, one’s sins can only be absolved by confessing to a priest and performing penance as instructed. The movie Heartstopper argues that true healing comes from forgiveness and confronting your demons through internal reflection rather than an external intermediary.

Is Heartstopper an adult?

Our entire Heartstopper series is targeted towards teens. We’ve worked closely with publishers to make sure our stories are age-appropriate and meant for a younger audience. If you look at our book series, you’ll notice there isn’t much difference between any of them and their adult counterparts, in terms of tone or plot-line.

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