Harald Sigurdsson is one of the most famous Norse warriors in history – his name was so well known that it was used to frighten Norwegian children into behaving. He also had an epic long beard, which would put most hipsters to shame. Here’s everything you wanted to know about the ultimate Viking man, Harald Sigurdsson.

The Life of Harald Sigurdsson

Harald Sigurdsson, who was known as Harald Fairhair, became King of Norway in 872. He had to fight many battles to do so and is famed for being a brutal and ruthless warrior. As a ruler he gained respect by winning many wars with other tribes. Due to his temper he was nicknamed ‘the fierce’ or ‘the terrible’. His son Magnus would later become King Magnus I of Norway following Harald’s death in 930 AD.

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The Battle of Hastings

One of William’s first tasks was to deal with Harold Godwinson. After all, there was a new king in England and he did not have much time before his authority would be challenged by those loyal to Harold. William needed to secure his hold on the kingdom and quickly so he set off for London. When William arrived in London he was greeted by hostile citizens who pelted him with rubbish and other garbage.

Harald Sigurdsson the ultimate Viking man
Harald Sigurdsson the ultimate Viking man

The Legacy of Harald Sigurdsson

The life of Harald Sigurdarson Gormsson is an important one for both Vikings fans and for Icelanders in general. It represents a period in which Icelandic identity was forged through contact with outside forces; it also reveals a part of Icelandic history that still haunts present-day politics and culture.

Age and Death

Harald was born on December 27, 905 and died in battle on September 25th at Stamford Bridge. He died at age 44 and according to custom was thrown into a burial mound in Norway known as haralldskirkja Harald’s body remained there for 105 years until it was disinterred by Olaf Tryggvason who wanted to see if he would rise from his grave as a living man.

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