The goose emoji doesn’t sound like something you’d ever want to send to your friends. But if you plan on sending any of the new emojis announced by The Unicode Consortium, you might have to get used to it anyway. At least that’s what creative director of the new emojis Jeremy Burge said in an interview with Emojipedia. [Goose] is just one of those images that kind of says, ‘I’m being a bit mean to you,’ Burge said in an interview with Emojipedia. Goose Emoji Is the Meanest Emoji Yet

The tweet that started it all

On Wednesday, Unicode, the organization that standardizes computer text and emoji, announced a new batch of emojis that will be coming to phones . Among them is a mean-looking goose, and people are already calling it the new mean emoji. Some have said they’re not surprised that Unicode would release a villainous bird because many current emojis have animal heads with human bodies. But others are interpreting the goose as more than just an angry one. Some tweeters say it looks like an evil Mickey Mouse or when someone’s mouth is curled into an unnatural position on their face after drinking milk from their nose or using Listerine wrong.

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What do you think? Will this be the best new emoji for venting your frustrations? Share your thoughts with us below!

Goose Emoji Is the Meanest Emoji Yet
Goose Emoji Is the Meanest Emoji Yet

The design process

First, you have to come up with an idea for a new emoji. Then, you have to design it. After that, you have to submit it to the Unicode Consortium. If your emoji is approved, it will be added to the Unicode Standard and then made available to vendors. The goose emoji has been included in this process since July 31st, 2018. When the goose was released in September 2018 as part of iOS 12.1, people were unsure of how to use it. Some people tried to claim that shaking their head was what the goose meant by raising their neck feathers, but when they shook their head vigorously instead of just slightly moving their neck feathers back and forth, others knew what they meant by head shake. It turns out that one person’s intent can change depending on how they actually move their body–it can lead others astray if only one action means something different from someone else’s actions!

How other designs were considered

The new emoji, which is part of Unicode 12.0, was selected from a pool of more than 3,000 proposed designs. Other contenders included an otter, sloth, and flamingo. But in the end, it was the goose that won out. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about geese over the years, it’s that they’re not very friendly creatures. And this particular one appears to be really angry. It has its mouth open wide with its tongue sticking out (which doesn’t seem like a good idea). So what makes this emoji so mean? Well, according to Unicode: The goose face is intended to represent intimidation. We guess you’ll just have to wait and see what people do with this mean little creature for yourself!

Goose Emoji Is the Meanest Emoji Yet
Goose Emoji Is the Meanest Emoji Yet

A rendering of the emoji

The new goose emoji is mean. It’s got a sharp beak and piercing eyes. The other new emojis are cute, but this one looks like it’s up to no good. I can’t imagine using it in any context except to make someone feel bad. And that’s not even what it was created for! That’s right: The symbol was created by artists as an intentionally confrontational piece of art to give people something they could use when they wanted to say this isn’t funny. But now? Now it just looks like there’s going to be trouble. So maybe we should stop using it until we figure out how to stop giving everyone the heebie-jeebies. Shaking head emoji, because the goose deserves our empathy too.

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The feedback from Twitter users

The new goose emoji is mean, rude, and not very nice. Some people are even calling for a boycott of the emoji. The mean goose has been added to the Unicode Consortium’s list of approved emojis, and will be available on phones later this year. People have mixed feelings about whether or not the symbol should be used at all, but it seems that more people want to see it gone than want to keep it around. Why would such an adorable creature be so terrible? Well, for starters:

Goose Emoji Is the Meanest Emoji Yet
Goose Emoji Is the Meanest Emoji Yet

A.) It doesn’t look like a goose at all.

B.) No one has seen what these birds do when they’re just walking around because they’re always stuck in ice cream pails or angry enough to chase children off playgrounds.

C.) Geese can live up to 20 years in captivity – if they can survive long enough without being eaten by dogs first! These birds seem like sweeties until you remember their penchant for attacking anything with teeth and claws (including humans) so we can pretty much assume that these creatures are bullies.

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D.) Geese love water, but not if there’s too much of it!

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