Before we go over the best things you need to know about Google One, let’s go over what Google One actually is first. Google One replaces Google Drive and adds some new features in addition to the already existing ones. For example, on top of your 15GB of storage you also get: 24/7 customer service, 100GB of storage for media, $1 credit for an individual plan or $10 credit for family plans (up to 6 people). It all sounds great, but how does it work? Well read on! Google One: The Best Things You Need to Know

What is Google One?

Google One is a rebrand of what used to be called Google Drive, its cloud storage platform. This means that Google Drive and Google Photos are now a part of Google One. It also replaces what used to be called G Suite services, such as Gmail and Docs. If you already use any of these services, nothing will change for you — but if you’re new to them or want more details on how they work together, keep reading! What Does it Cost?: There are three pricing tiers: $1.99/month per individual user (for up to five users), $2.99/month per team member (for up to 10 users), and $9.99/month per organization (for up to 30 users). Any additional users cost an extra dollar per month, so six total would cost $10/month; seven would cost $11/month; etc.

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How do you sign up for a free account?

To get started with a free account, all you have to do is go here. If you don’t see Get Started on that page, click on +See more. Then scroll down and click Get Started. On that same page you’ll be able to enter your phone number and zip code. Afterward, Google will send an SMS text message to your phone with an activation link. Clicking that link will take you to a form where you can choose between two options: use your existing Gmail address or create a new one.

What does the membership give me access to?

Under a new plan called Google One, you’ll be able to sign up for storage space on Google Drive. Currently, that costs $10 per month, and each user gets 15 GB of storage. Under Google One, you’ll get 1 TB of storage and support for five users; it’s not clear whether there will be other benefits yet. It’s also unclear what support for five users means. There are already ways to share your Drive account with others, but those features aren’t currently available in all countries.

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Why should I choose an annual subscription over monthly?

Let’s say you use 5GB of storage with Google Drive. Under a monthly subscription, you’d have to pay $5 each month for that 5GB. With an annual plan, you’d only pay $50 for all five months, which is a total of 25GB—double what you get with a monthly plan. If you don’t use your entire allotment in one month, it rolls over into next month and beyond. It also doesn’t matter how much data you actually consume; if you have 100GB worth of files stored in your account but only access 1GB during a given 30-day period, Google will still charge you for 100GB. However, if your usage falls below 1TB (1 terabyte), then Google won’t charge anything at all.

Google One: The Best Things You Need to Know
Google One: The Best Things You Need to Know

Is there anything else I should know about the new service?

There are a lot of questions out there about Google One, and I’ve heard some things second-hand that aren’t yet confirmed. But if you’re curious, here’s what we know so far. According to an email sent out by Google, Google One is a new way for fans to get closer than ever before with their favorite artists—and get access to exclusive content, ticket presales, VIP experiences and much more. This sounds like it could be similar to Tidal in that it will offer special perks for subscribers.

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