Google has decided to do something really drastic in order to improve the quality of apps on the Play Store. The company announced that it will no longer allow developers to publish any new apps based on old Android versions starting next month. This means that developers will only be able to publish apps which are compatible with Android Oreo . The plan will put an end to the distribution of over 900,000 apps by Google which are still running on Android KitKat and earlier versions of the operating system. Google is Ditching Over 900K Apps from the Play Store

The app purge

Google says it’s pruning its app offerings in an effort to make it easier for users to find what they want. But with some services set to disappear by August 2019, developers should act quickly if they want to remain a part of Google’s Android ecosystem. So what’s going on here? To understand that, we need a little history lesson.

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How Google determines if an app should be removed

Google’s main strategy for detecting a bad app is based on user reports. If a lot of people report an app for doing something malicious or inappropriate, Google will take action to remove it from the store. To make reporting easier, there’s a new button that pops up if you click on some apps and games in Google Play. This Report Abuse button encourages users to help improve everyone’s experience by sending feedback about poorly designed apps. And that gives developers more incentive to write better code and build user-friendly products, which means fewer unnecessary headaches for everyone involved.

Google is Ditching Over 900K Apps from the Play Store
Google is Ditching Over 900K Apps from the Play Store

What does this mean for businesses?

The recent announcement that Google will be pulling apps from its Play Store could have a significant impact on businesses that rely on users’ access to their app. Many Android users depend on having a variety of applications available to them at all times, so they may be annoyed if they no longer have access to certain applications. What’s more, many businesses use Google as a means of marketing themselves, and without access to an app, it will make it difficult for them to reach new customers. Businesses will need to take note of what steps they can take in order to ensure their business continues running effectively while also creating opportunities for growth in spite of changes taking place with Google’s platform.

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Will my business apps be affected?

It’s a mixed bag for developers. Google will be cutting out some apps that are not up to par with certain standards, but it will also be removing apps that have been unused for quite some time. A full third of all developer applications are less than six months old and nearly half have been published within a year. It may not sound like much, but Google sees over 1 million new app submissions every month, meaning an account that hasn’t received an update in two years isn’t likely getting any action any time soon. Most major developers should be unaffected by these changes as they maintain their existing accounts and publish new projects through them.

What happens after an app is removed?

Google says that after an app has been taken down, it will no longer be available for download or purchase on Google Play. If you have already downloaded an app, it will remain in your library unless you choose to uninstall it. Also worth noting: Removed apps can still be found via third-party marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and others. While these can work with some Android phones, they are unsupported by Google—and don’t offer security updates or support if something goes wrong.

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In Conclusion

If you’re an app developer and are feeling a bit nervous about all of these changes, don’t be. Google hasn’t announced any official date for when these changes will take place (they aren’t even considering it), so it might not happen for years. The best thing to do is to keep creating great apps and updates, follow Google’s policies and guidelines, and pray that your company makes enough money to pay off those employees who helped you build those apps. The rest is out of your hands. So let go of your anxiety—and move on! We’ve got more interesting things to focus on!

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