You’ve probably heard of Google Earth, even if you don’t have it installed on your computer, but have you ever wondered what else you can do with the program? We didn’t think so! But once you know about these five amazing features of Google Earth, you won’t be able to resist checking them out, and you’ll likely use them often when planning your next trip or looking up information about a place you want to visit. Google Earth: 5 Amazing Features You Never Knew Existed

1) The ‘3D Buildings’ layer allows you to see buildings in 3D

Whether you want to explore your neighborhood or take a virtual tour around the world, Google Earth is a great tool to have. One of the coolest features is the 3D Buildings layer, which allows users to see buildings in 3D. The feature is particularly helpful if you need to find a building and want to know what it looks like on the inside.

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2) The Moon view lets you explore the moon without a space suit

The Moon view is one of the most amazing features Google Earth has to offer. With this view, you can zoom out from any point on the earth and see an accurate representation of the moon’s surface–including craters, mountains, and more. It’s a great way to explore without having to leave your living room.

3) There’s an Orbit feature that works like Google Street View, but on earth

Did you know that in addition to the map, Google Earth also has a feature called Orbit? It’s like Google Street View, but on earth. If you want to see what it’s like to stand on top of the Eiffel Tower or get a birds-eye view of Stonehenge, just click on the Orbit button and explore the world from your computer. It might be virtual, but it still feels pretty amazing.

4) The Data layer enables you to see how long it takes to drive between two places

If you want to find out how long it takes to drive between two places in Google Earth, the data layer is your best bet. With a list of destinations ready, simply select Data and then Driving Distance on the left-hand side. The data will then be plotted on the map and you can hover over any point to see how long it will take to travel there by car.

Google Earth: 5 Amazing Features You Never Knew Existed
Google Earth: 5 Amazing Features You Never Knew Existed

5) And finally, there’s a gravity meter that enables you to compare the acceleration due to gravity from one place to another

The Gravitymeter is an additional feature that you can add to your map. When you are on the map, type gravitymeter and hit enter. The gravitymeter will show up and allow you to see the difference in gravitational acceleration between two locations. For example, I am in New York right now, so I entered New York as my first location and Chicago as my second location into the text bar at the top of the screen.

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