Google has officially announced that their Google Assistant will now let you rename Routines that you create with it, so that they don’t have to always be titled Morning Routine or Evening Routine. This can be done by saying Okay Google, what’s my name? and then naming the routine whatever you want after the assistant responds to your question. Google Assistant will now let you rename Routines!

How to Rename Routines

Renaming a routine is simple. Open up Google Assistant, tap on your existing routine, and then tap on Rename. Type in whatever name you like, and if it’s taken, use that as inspiration for coming up with something new.

Why do I want to rename my Routine?

Google Assistant allows users to create Routines to automate several tasks in one voice command. A user might use Google Assistant to create a Good Morning Routine that turns on their lights, puts on their music, starts their coffee maker and more.

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A Few Examples

Bedtime Routine, Morning Routine, Cleaning Routine, Exercise Routine and more. These are just a few examples of how Google Assistant Routines can help make your day-to-day life easier. If you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, for example, tell Google Assistant to set up a Morning Routine that features a daily alarm and weather forecast as well as playing some songs by one of your favorite artists to get yourself into a good mood.

Google Assistant finally gives you the control to rename Routines

Google Assistant has been rolling out new features at a pretty rapid pace, and that’s not about to change anytime soon. The latest feature to add to the list of things you can do with Google Assistant is rename Routines, which will let you personalize your experience even more than before. You’ll now be able to change the name of any routine you’ve created, giving you the ability to make Google Assistant work exactly how you want it to.

Google Assistant will now let you rename Routines!
Google Assistant will now let you rename Routines!

What is a Routine?

It’s simple: they are a series of actions that can be activated by a single command. For example, if I tell my Google Home Hey Google, I’m home, it will turn on my lights and start playing music. A Routine is comprised of two parts: an action and an end result. The action is what triggers your routine (like saying Hey Google, good morning!), while the end result is what happens after your routine has been triggered (like having your lights turn on).

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What are some good examples of how to use Routine names?

There are two main types of routines: short and long. Short routines usually consist of a single action or command, but long routines can execute multiple actions in a single tap. If you look at those examples, all three are pretty unique and useful, so it’s definitely a good idea to be as descriptive as possible when naming your routine. This will allow you more flexibility later on if you decide that your original names weren’t quite right for what you wanted.

Why can’t I change my Routine name?

This was a pain point we heard from our users. You create a routine, such as Good Morning with your lights, morning news and wake up music. But what if you decide that good morning isn’t quite right? You can edit each step, but not change it all together. We wanted to give our users more flexibility in how they named their routines so they felt even more at home using them.

How do I change my Routine name?

If you have a Google Assistant-compatible smart speaker, simply open up your Settings and select routines. Then click on Routines in order to edit your Routine name(s). It should look like this. After that, just type in a new name for your routine and hit save!

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Why do I want more control over my Routine names?

At first, Google named my Routine Call Mom. Sure, that works for me most of the time, but what about all those times I want to call someone else? What if I wanted to call my dad in a week or two? Would I have had to come up with a whole new name for another Routine then, too? Then there are my goals.

How did I find this tip/trick?

While reading Google’s official documentation for developers, I came across a small mention of renaming user-created Routines. I did some digging and sure enough, a few hours later, I was able to do just that (just as we would in Tasker or AutoApps).

How do other voice platforms handle naming Voice Actions and voice commands?

Siri will continue to recognize your favorite contact’s name regardless of how you pronounce it. On Alexa, calling contacts by different names won’t matter. You can also change your wake word on Google Home at any time without affecting existing voice commands. If someone says Hey Google one day and then changes it to Okay Google, none of their previously set up voice commands will be affected in any way.

Any other tips, tricks I should know about this topic?

Please feel free to share any other helpful Google Home tips, tricks or hacks in the comments below. If we used your tip in our post, we’ll be sure to credit it with a link back. Thanks!

Is there any other content I should check out on this topic that you have created or curated?

Google Assistant finally lets you rename Routine names, but that’s only one of many new tricks in today’s update. Google has also expanded third-party support and added a few other new features.

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