Up until now, the only way to leave WhatsApp groups was to send a message saying you’re leaving, or to simply stop replying to the group messages and hope nobody asks you why. But, as reported by WABetaInfo, there are new group chat settings that will let you leave groups in the near future without leaving behind any message trail indicating that you left. It’s not clear if the new feature will be available to all users yet, or when it will be released to everyone, but here’s how it will work if and when it rolls out in full force. Goodbye Group Chats: You Could Soon Leave WhatsApp Groups Without Making Any Noise

What will happen when you leave a group

It’s become a well-known fact that group chats on instant messaging apps like WhatsApp are breeding grounds for some terrible conversations. Whether it’s gossiping about your friends or having an over-the-top political debate with your entire family (where no one actually comes to a conclusion), there’s nothing quite like scrolling through thousands of messages to find out what exactly you missed while you were busy doing something else. Unfortunately, leaving a group chat is not as easy as it should be – especially when there are multiple administrators and moderators who have to give you permission before you can say goodbye. But according to WABetaInfo (via 9to5Google), that might soon change.

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How to exit a group without making any noise

The Facebook-owned messaging app is testing a feature that allows users to leave a group without notifying all members. A Silent Exit will be rolling out on Android and iOS in India first, but will likely make its way to other markets soon after. The Silent Exit option will appear at the bottom of every group chat along with Join and Manage group options; it’s currently unclear what happens when you select it. TechCrunch reports that only administrators can kick users out of groups and doesn’t reveal whether there are any restrictions on who can request an exit or if they’ll receive notifications when their request has been accepted.

Goodbye Group Chats: You Could Soon Leave WhatsApp Groups Without Making Any Noise
Goodbye Group Chats: You Could Soon Leave WhatsApp Groups Without Making Any Noise

What do you think about leaving groups without making any noise?

Isn’t it annoying when you leave a group and all of your buddies on Whatsapp get a notification? It sure is. Ever since Whatsapp first came out with groups, it seems like there has been some issue or another. But now we could soon be saying goodbye to those annoying notifications that are sent every time someone leaves a group chat. This development is being tested in India right now. And if it rolls out globally, we may finally be able to keep our conversations private and personal without worrying about any disturbances or disturbances created by others. I think it’s going to be one of those features that people will never even know about because they won’t need it!

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Are there any other consequences when leaving groups silently?

When you leave a group on WhatsApp, you will still remain on the friends’ members list of that group. This means that your name is still visible to them and it will appear in green (whether you are online or not). While members can see each other’s online status, there is no way for anyone in a group to know if someone has left it. In other words, if someone leaves without saying goodbye and goes back to being offline (for example), they may not realize they have been left behind by other people in their contacts who are still using Telegram. However, should everyone else leave too at some point (the last member) — that specific chat would be archived as it only consists of one person now.

What are your thoughts on this feature of the new version of WhatsApp?

Although WhatsApp is being widely criticized for making a lot of changes to its interface, its users are still happy with it. The company has decided to make some further tweaks as well by introducing features that will allow users to exit groups without anyone noticing they’ve left. If you’re thinking about deleting Facebook or Twitter and joining another social media platform like Telegram then you can delete your WhatsApp data too. No one will be able to see when or if you leave a group in future versions of chat software. This was something that became possible after Facebook acquired WhatsApp.

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Can you imagine yourself going silent in group chats?

Have you ever been in a group chat that’s gone off topic? If so, how did you exit without making any noise? Well, that day is soon coming. If we go by what reports and rumors are saying, then Facebook Messenger will soon be rolling out an update to let users leave groups without leaving any trace. This means you can go silent in a group without anyone noticing your absence. Now who wouldn’t want to do that! Or if you’re watching a heated debate on TV and don’t like what one of the parties is saying – why not just leave silently? As long as it has got something to do with Facebook Messenger (i.e., your social media) then you could simply unsubscribe from it and vanish into thin air!

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