Godwin has often been depicted as an old pagan who rules over Valhalla, the Viking afterlife, and welcomes those who have died in battle to be sent there by Valkyries, the Norse warrior women. This depiction has been disputed in recent years, with historians arguing that Godwin may have been Christianized at some point in his life, hence his epithet Gothi (meaning priest). However, this argument has not received widespread acceptance among scholars of Viking history. Godwin as we know him , earl godwin vikings, godwin vikings, vikings valhalla, goodwin, what countries did harold godwin son conquer, when did frank godwin die, when was frank godwin born

The physical characteristics

Godwin is what most people would describe as an Adonis. He stands at six feet and eight inches with deep blue eyes and light brown hair, he has a slim physique with well-developed muscle tone that only makes his frame more imposing. His skin is tanned from years spent in battle and many of his enemies have been known to fawn over his striking appearance. (Contains sexually suggestive language)

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Background story

Godwin was born in March of 751 to a father, Uchthelm, who was one of many bards to serve at court, who soon passed away. The King at that time took note of Godwin’s quick wit and sage like wisdom and brought him into his court where he would learn strategy and tactics from an early age. He developed an interest in mathematics and after discovering he had an aptitude for numbers became a warrior within Valhalla.

Personality traits

Stubborn, Passive-aggressive, slow to anger, soft-spoken. Son of Lodbrok and Hild. Member of Ragnar’s Great Heathen Army that invaded England in 865.

Godwin as we know him
Godwin as we know him


Godwin is without a doubt one of my favorite Vikings. He is often portrayed in show as kind and loving, but that is not what I think of when I think of Godwin. When I think of Godwin, it is his great accomplishments that come to mind first. Here are just a few of his most notable accomplishments

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Father and son

Godwin and his son are forever bound together by their love for each other. As a father myself, I couldn’t have asked for a better son than Godwin. My only wish is that he had lived to see his grandchildren grow up. He would be so proud of how they turned out, taking after their mother in all her beauty and strength, although I hope they can never be quite as murderous as my own sons were.

Finishing the short introduction paragraph about Godwin

Godwin (or Godwinson, or Gode-win etc.) was an Anglo-Saxon nobleman and leader of a Viking force during The Great Heathen Army, who fought his way through north-east England during 865. He managed to fight his way up to Northumbria before being defeated at York in early 866 by Alfred and Osbert of Mercia.

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