In the wake of its latest UI overhaul, it’s time to take stock of all the changes Google has made to Gmail in recent years. Some were relatively minor, while others were more significant. The result has been that Gmail now feels very different from the app it was just a few years ago—and not in a good way. Regardless of how you feel about Google’s newest Gmail changes, however, there’s no denying that the app could use an overhaul in design and functionality. I have a few ideas on how I think Google can fix the platform and make it great again! Gmail Keeps Changing And It’s Making Us Confused

The New Interface

The new layout is nice and all, but it does take some getting used to. Google has shifted many of our favorite features into tabs that you’ll need to click on before you can use them. This means it takes longer for your eyes to adjust from one email to another, which gives you less time to spot things like bolded messages or important information that might be buried in attachments.

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The New Features

This year, Google introduced a few new features to Gmail that seem unnecessary and confusing. First, they changed their signature feature from signatures to cover letters. Now we can no longer add a traditional signature on top of an email; instead we have to sign our emails with a piece of text that’s hidden at the bottom of our message.

Gmail Keeps Changing And It's Making Us Confused
Gmail Keeps Changing And It’s Making Us Confused

The Timeline

About 15 months ago, Google changed Gmail from a familiar interface to one that was entirely different and new. The change surprised many users; in fact, it was so drastic that Google added a help center page to address any concerns or questions. But here we are, over half a year later and Google is at it again. Changes have been implemented across multiple browsers recently and users are confused once again. Change doesn’t have to be bad though; in fact sometimes it can be good!

Best Practices For Working With The New Layout

If you’re having trouble adapting to Gmail’s new look, here are some best practices for working with it. First, avoid using advanced features as much as possible. While Gmail is still just as powerful and easy to use (as Google says) without all of these features, most people aren’t used to things working quite so differently. The more time you spend away from what you know and are familiar with, the more confused you might get.

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