I am obsessed with Netflix’s Ozark, and that obsession only increased when I learned that one of my favorite telenovela actors, Alfonso Herrera, plays the character of Javier Javi Elizondro, hotheaded nephew and lieutenant for drug kingpin Del (Esai Morales). Herrera was born in Mexico City to an accountant mother and engineer father and studied acting at the Centro de Educación Artística (CEA). He began his acting career as a child in Mexican telenovelas like Pobre Diabla and Mundo de fieras. Get to Know Ozark’s Javier Javi Elizondro Played by Alfonso Herrera

Basic information about actor Alfonso Herrera

– He was born on January 12th 1980 in Mexico City, Mexico. – Before he became a famous actor, he worked as a model and a dancer. – His biggest role so far has been ‘Javier’ in TV series ‘Ozark’. He is also known for his part in another great show called ‘The CW’s Jane The Virgin’.

Fun facts about the character he plays in Ozark

Now that we’re nearing season 4 of Ozark, you probably have a good sense of who you should be watching. But sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all these characters (just think about how many on-screen versions of Walter White there are). To remedy that a bit, here are three facts about one character from each season. Take some time to get to know Javier Javi Elizondro (played by Alfonso Herrera), as we’ll surely see more of him in season 4.

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Alfonso Herrera as Javier

Get to know Javi. He’s your classic hotheaded nephew who’s probably a little too interested in his uncle’s business—if you know what I mean. The rest of his family may see him as something of a nuisance, but he’s got great plans for his uncle’s drug empire in Mexico. Given that we have three more seasons worth of shows left, it seems likely that we haven’t seen everything he has planned for us yet. As such, let me go ahead and do a little bit of speculative casting: TV doesn’t always cast Mexican or Latin American characters from Latin America so I’m going with Alonso Ruíz Palacios here as my pick for Javi.

Pictures of the actor playing this role in real life

Herrera found his way into acting almost accidentally. While he was studying at UCLA and prepping for a career in psychology or neurobiology, he asked a friend if she needed an extra body for her acting class. Before long, he was taking classes himself. His career began with commercials and bit parts on TV shows such as Private Practice and Justified before landing his role in Narcos: Mexico last year. He’s now wrapping up production on Netflix’s new series Ozark (premiering July 21), which stars Jason Bateman as a family man who finds himself mixed up with a drug cartel while trying to clean money for them in order to keep his family safe from their threats.

How he got into acting

He studied at Centro de Educación Artística de Televisa. From 2004 to 2009 he had a recurring role in Rebelde and he starred in Alcanzar una estrella II. He also participated in La Academia and Popstars (Mexico). In 2010 he made his feature film debut with Compadres. Later that year was cast as Diego in Televisa’s hit telenovela Sortilegio which earned him a Premios TVyNovelas nomination for Best Revelation male actor category. In 2011 he appeared on Sortilegio: La sombra del pasado, playing Sebastián Montero.

Get to Know Ozarks Javier Javi Elizondro Played by Alfonso Herrera
Get to Know Ozark’s Javier Javi Elizondro Played by Alfonso Herrera

Career highlights and accomplishments

While we’ve known for a while that Javi is going to be introduced in season 4 of Ozark , it was only last week that we were able to meet his character. Well, actually we met him earlier than that when Jason Bateman posted a photo on Twitter of himself standing next to Alfredo who had been cast as new character with whom he was having dinner in London. Still, knowing Alfredo is playing an important role on the show doesn’t really give us any insight into what type of person he’ll be. According to Entertainment Weekly , though, in terms of personality and relationship with Marty Byrde (Bateman), he’s described as someone who has a sort of hotheaded nephew relationship with him.

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Fans’ reactions to this new character

Fans love him. This one character completely changes what has been a very serious (if sometimes campy) show from Seasons 1-3 into a much more dramatic and intense season. The acting is top notch for all involved. The fact that Will wants nothing to do with meth but has no choice in terms of how he makes money is a great story line in my opinion. Also, I love that Marty’s son is now returning home and will hopefully help save his dad from his downward spiral which I can only assume happens at some point in season 4. I truly feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface of where they’re going with these characters so I can’t wait to see what else they throw our way as far as plot points go!

Q & A

Who plays Javi in Season 4 of Ozark?

A drug dealer is on a collision course with fate as he navigates between his conscience and his ruthless empire. He also drives a souped-up Mustang. What more do you need? If you’re one of those people who has yet to check out Netflix’s Ozark, there’s no time like now: Season 3 is almost upon us.

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What happens to Javier in Ozark?

In season 4 of Ozark, Mexico-born career criminal and drug dealer Javier Javi Elizondo (Alfonso Herrera) does not appear in any episodes until episode 5. After murdering a man on behalf of his uncle Hector (Esai Morales), Javi is given an ultimatum: work with Harry Tasker or die.

Is Javier from Queen of the South in Ozark?

No. But there is a connection. TVLine reported in July 2017 that ‘Salvation’ actor Alfonso Herrera had been cast as Javi in Netflix’s upcoming crime drama ‘Ozark.’ Like Badillo’s character, Javi has ties to a drug cartel and is on a mission of vengeance.

How old is Alfonso Herrera?

Alfonso is born on March 1st, 1987. That makes him 28 years old. He was born in Mexico City, Mexico. He grew up there and went to school at Centro de Educación Artística (CEA). He began his acting career in 2004 when he played a small role in La Familia P. Luche. His big break came in 2006 when he landed a lead role in Al Diablo con los Guapos where he played Diego El Diablo San Román alongside Eugenio Derbez and Maribel Guardia.

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