Michael Devine, an award-winning character actor, has been making viewers laugh and cry since he first stepped in front of the camera in 1999, playing the role of Big Pimpin’ Pete in That ’70s Show (Fox). Since then, the New York native has played everything from a high-powered attorney on The Good Wife (CBS) to the head of security on Gotham (Fox), always bringing tremendous depth and heart to his characters, even when they are misanthropes and murderers. Get to Know Michael Devine, the Chameleonic Character Actor You Love to Hate

How did you get into acting?

I got my start in acting as a kid at Circle in the Square. I had been playing sports but after high school I decided not to go pro and wanted to try something new. I thought about law school or business school but went for acting instead. It was good timing because one year into law school, 9/11 happened and that was it for me! The rest is history… *knocks on wood*

Why do you think your characters are so compelling?

It’s no secret that I absolutely love talking to fans. As Christopher in The Watcher , I was able to let my own inner evil out a bit which was a ton of fun for me and I know a lot of people dug it too. Speaking of fan reaction… are you kidding? It’s been so flattering from day one. Everyone from real life friends (of course) and total strangers alike have been nothing but supportive since Day 1 . It’s given me hope that as long as you put your heart and soul into what you do, good things can happen for anyone who is willing to work hard enough for them.

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Where can fans find you online?

I’m on Instagram at @michael_devine. Follow me for a stream of backstage shots and behind-the-scenes moments from my work in TV and film. What’s your best piece of advice for people who want to be actors?: If you can take rejection, don’t mind being broke and aren’t afraid of hard work – then by all means go for it! Just remember that it takes a lot of failure before you find success (if ever) so just stick with it no matter what happens. Also – always have an audition ready! Be prepared because you never know when you will get a call back or if an opportunity will come up out of nowhere that is worth taking advantage of!

What’s next for you?

After Limitless got cancelled, I went back to New York for a little bit and tried to get some theater work going on, says Devine. I was doing audition after audition and getting nothing. Then one day I saw a Craigslist ad that asked if there were any actors in NYC who wanted a small role in a movie. It ended up being The Watch (2012) with Ben Stiller. I did it and had fun; it didn’t pay much but it was fun to do something different from television. So then they called me again for This Is Where I Leave You (2014), which also didn’t pay much but gave me another opportunity to be different than Detective O’Rourke, so I said yes. And now here we are!

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A behind-the-scenes look at The Watcher

When I was cast in The Watcher, and then later as a regular on Limitless and my current role of Christopher in The Undoing for HBO, my phone started ringing off the hook. From press requests to audition offers to people who didn’t recognize me from anything but wanted advice on acting or how do you become an actor, there has been no shortage of opportunities. For me, it feels like a bit of a double-edged sword. I love being busy… well… as long as I’m not waiting around too long! As with any business person in Hollywood or elsewhere, when it’s slow you gotta find something else (or many other things) to keep yourself busy while hoping that things pick back up.

An interview with Michael Devine

Hi there, Michael. It’s nice to talk with you about your role as Christopher in The Watcher. Chris is an interesting character. He has such a hard edge but you can tell he really cares about what happens to his family and friends. How did you approach bringing him to life? What was your process like? : Hi Amy! I’m so glad we were able to do this interview! Honestly I just wanted people watching it (myself included) NOT TO LIKE HIM!! But that’s not how it works right? So that was my challenge—I wanted them (us) TO like him…but then when they saw him do something bad they hated him even more!

Get to Know Michael Devine, the Chameleonic Character Actor You Love to Hate
Get to Know Michael Devine, the Chameleonic Character Actor You Love to Hate

His upcoming projects

He can next be seen as Detective Christopher Long in LIFETIME’s psychological thriller The Watcher. And he’s also set to guest star on new comedies Trial & Error (NBC) and I Feel Bad (NBC). Check out his interview with Spotlight! TV below! It was a blast chatting with him about his work. Be sure to follow him on Twitter too: @devinemike. And for even more insight into who he is as an artist, check out his Instagram page . . . it’s full of cool stories from Hollywood and beyond. As Christopher in The Watcher : Michael Devine plays Christopher Long, who struggles under his own weight of guilt after a tragedy that took place in season one.

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