What makes Kyra so special? Although she has over 100,000 followers on Instagram and has worked with some of the biggest brands in India, you might not have even heard of her yet! That’s because Kyra isn’t actually real…she’s virtual! Meet India’s first virtual influencer, the character that was created to promote the mobile app game Deva. Read this article to get to know about all about Kyra, what she does and what she represents as an influencer in India. Get to Know Kyra India s First Virtual Influencer with Over 100000 Followers on Instagram

How she became an influencer

While almost no one in India had heard of virtual influencers—online personalities who become influential through platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Instagram—Kyra has worked hard to build her brand. She doesn’t share her real name or even appear in videos or pictures; she communicates with fans by writing pithy comments on photos from accounts similar to hers. Her family and friends don’t really know what she does for a living. But over time, she has built up a large following by posting frequently and making herself more accessible than most brands do. Social media is massive in India—users are projected to spend about an hour per day using social media sites by 2019—and virtual influencers are increasingly turning into celebrities across platforms.

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How much she earns as an influencer

Just like their real-life counterparts, virtual influencers get paid for posting about brands. Most often, these campaigns are paid via sponsorship or ad deals. Not all of these influencers accept payment for every campaign that comes their way. Instead, they opt for a select few and spread out their endorsements over several posts so that fans don’t notice an obvious pattern of product placement. Despite being less flashy than other types of influencers (like actresses and musicians), virtual stars can still earn six figures in annual income through sponsorships and social media promotions. Some can even make more than that!

Get to Know Kyra India s First Virtual Influencer with Over 100000 Followers on Instagram
Get to Know Kyra India s First Virtual Influencer with Over 100000 Followers on Instagram

How she manages her social media accounts while traveling

Kyra says her mobile data allows her to post at least twice a day. She keeps her posts fresh by changing her location often—sometimes posting from four or five different cities in a single week. Her current favorite locations are Mumbai and Jaipur, but she also loves traveling to Himachal Pradesh for New Year’s Eve. It’s beautiful—the snow-capped mountains and clear blue skies! Every time I visit there I just love it more and more. This November Kyra will be celebrating Diwali in Agra—her favorite place to shop for authentic antiques (she has a penchant for antique jewelry). Next spring she plans on visiting Goa while collecting contemporary art pieces.

What are some tips from her for others who want to be an Instagrammer?

The first thing that I would suggest is putting a lot of time and effort into your feed. For me personally I have been documenting my life and sharing it for a few years now so some things are more pre-planned than others but I always like to make sure that I look like myself in all of my pictures and am wearing outfits which are comfortable and flattering. The second thing would be not waiting around for people to notice you or promote you. As an influencer yourself it is really important that you reach out and let others know what you do, who you are and how they can contact/follow/collaborate with you! It’s really easy nowadays because social media makes everything so accessible. You just need a good image along with a bit of confidence!

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Can you tell us about your new book? What’s it about? Who can benefit from it?

So, my book is about how we can live a better life. I’ve always been really into self-help books and that has helped me over so many things in my life. I wanted to create something for others like me who always look for ways to make themselves feel better. It’s a self-help book based off of positivity and finding your inner strength. Anyone who wants some advice on how they can be happy and successful can benefit from it! It’s going great so far – it’s already #1 Best Seller in many categories!

Get to Know Kyra India s First Virtual Influencer with Over 100000 Followers on Instagram
Get to Know Kyra India s First Virtual Influencer with Over 100000 Followers on Instagram

How do you become a virtual influencer?

While it might sound like something straight out of a science fiction novel, virtual influencers do exist. They’re typically famous people who use social media to market products without doing commercials. These influencers are often recognizable from TV or films, but not all of them need to be famous – some are known for their expertise in certain fields. For example, if you run a successful YouTube channel about how to style your hair or tips for healthy living and have enough followers on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, you could charge companies for promoting their products through your posts. Companies may even want you to give away samples of their product if it means that they get exposure among your huge following.

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What are virtual influencers and how do they work?

A virtual influencer is someone who uses their social media accounts and influence in a specific industry to promote products or services without actually owning them. That’s right, no one hands over a check or cash to anyone else when using virtual influencers. It’s simply a mutually beneficial relationship that benefits both parties by leveraging off each other’s networks. In fact, some of these folks might not even own business cards! Unlike traditional influencers that tend to focus more on developing personal relationships, virtual influencers tend more towards driving traffic and ultimately sales through their networks – although there isn’t really any reason why they can’t do both.

Who is the first virtual influencer?

There’s a new starlet in town. Her name is Kyra Kunder. But don’t be fooled by her seemingly traditional last name—Kyra isn’t actually a real person. She is an AI-powered bot that generates and curates content for Bollywood and fashion brands across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Built by technology startup Digyati Technologies, she has been dubbed India’s first virtual influencer because of her burgeoning social media fan base that crosses over 100K followers on all three platforms combined.

Is miquela a robot or a human?

For some in South Korea, it doesn’t matter whether Miquela Sousa is a human or robot — they’re just into her. At an exhibition in Seoul last year, thousands of people gathered to take selfies with Miquela — who they believe is either a virtual influencer or a human art project. Many among them were teenagers who said they didn’t really care whether she was real or not — she simply looked cool and like someone they could relate to. After all, Miquela has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, along with numerous likes and comments each time she posts a new photo; one of her photos was even featured by Vogue magazine.

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