Have you heard? Instagram has just announced their new parental controls in the UK! Parents can now take control of who their kids follow, what they see and what they report, giving everyone peace of mind while enjoying all that Instagram has to offer. Here’s everything you need to know about Instagram’s new parental controls so you can do just that! Get the scoop on Instagram’s new parental controls!

What are they?

In a push to keep your kids safe online, Instagram has launched a set of brand-new privacy and safety tools for parents in Ireland and UK. While some of these features have already been available in other parts of Europe, it is great to see them expanding their reach and availability here. In case you don’t know what they are, we are going to explain everything in a detailed manner: First off, there is an option to manage each account individually.

When do they apply?

Parents in the UK can turn off their children’s accounts or set time limits with a few easy steps. To ensure your child’s safety, though, it’s best to monitor their account regularly so you can catch any questionable pictures. That way, you won’t have to worry about what they might be posting or who they might be interacting with online.

Get the scoop on Instagrams new parental controls!
Get the scoop on Instagram’s new parental controls!

Rather than spying on them, think of it as acting as a digital chaperone; you want to make sure your kids are safe and not put in situations that could potentially harm them (online or offline). As difficult as it may be for some parents to admit, they will inevitably see something on social media that they wish hadn’t been shared.

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How do I see them?

To see parent-level controls, go to Settings in your app and select Family Sharing. If you’re not connected with a parent, or you don’t have family sharing enabled, it’ll prompt you to set up that connection first. After that, you’ll be able to edit their account details—like name and email address—and add a 4-digit passcode lock. You can also limit who sees your child’s profile and/or disable DMs. By default, parents will receive notifications about every post and comment their child makes (you can change how frequently they get these updates), but can still download a copy of all photos using Facebook’s Memories feature if they wish.

Why did they change their mind?

In a statement to Motherboard, a Facebook spokesperson said that in response to feedback from parents, we’re making it easier for people to have conversations about content they might find troubling or offensive. We’re continuing to listen and build tools based on what people tell us will be most helpful. So it looks like Facebook is finally listening. As Mashable notes, [t]he move has less to do with regulatory requirements and more to do with limiting backlash directed at [Facebook] for either not doing enough or overdoing it.

Get the scoop on Instagrams new parental controls!
Get the scoop on Instagram’s new parental controls!

To control what exactly?

Social media can be a dangerous place for children. In recent years, we’ve seen stories about kids getting bullied or even committing suicide because of cyber-bullying, inappropriate photos, and sexting. At first glance, it seems impossible to control what your children post on social media—but that isn’t necessarily true. Now that there are apps like Restrict Social Media , parents have another tool in their arsenal when it comes to keeping their kids safe while they’re online. Let me give you an example…

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Have they considered other options?

While it’s great that they’re making strides to include these tools in their mobile app, other social media platforms have already implemented similar features. For example, Twitter recently announced it was launching a parental guide to help parents manage their children’s profiles and accounts. Additionally, Facebook has had similar tools in place for years. While there is value in being part of a conversation about how to make social media safer for kids, is Instagram really taking an innovative step? Or are they following up because others are currently out ahead of them? Whether or not it’s innovative for Instagram to implement these features, would you say that overall these changes will be positive ones for your child’s digital life?

The pros and cons of these new features.

A good rule of thumb to follow is if you wouldn’t want your kids to do it, don’t do it. Using a VPN can help prevent someone else from seeing what you’re posting. It also means you’re not restricted by geographic location or school when it comes to accessing your favorite content. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are for everyone; it doesn’t matter how old you are or who you are. You should just make sure that you understand them, because as we know: once something is online, there is no way to delete it forever – whether it’s your fault or not.

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