Google Photos has taken the world by storm, and if you haven’t tried it yet you’re missing out. This service provides unlimited storage of photos and videos, free sharing to your favorite social networks, and integration with other Google services like Gmail and Google Drive. Whether you’re new to the service or already an expert user, these tips will help you get the most out of Google Photos. Read on to learn more! Get the Most Out of Google Photos

Learn How To Use Google Photos

There are some great new features in Google Photos that you may not have explored yet. This guide will take you through all that it can do, including everything from managing your photos to creating albums, sharing images and much more. These tips are brought to you by computer security expert Robert Siciliano, who works with McAfee. His latest book is The Safety Minute: Living on High Alert. For a free preview click here. An Overview Of What Google Photos Can Do: You probably already know about some of what Google Photos does – but maybe there’s something you haven’t tried yet? Here are our favorite tricks for using Google Photos: How To Make An Album In Google Photos: Sometimes it’s just easier to create an album rather than sift through hundreds of photos one at a time. It doesn’t matter if they’re stored locally or on your phone – you’ll still be able to access them via an album link once they’re created.

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Automatically Back Up Everything

Before you start using Google Photos, you need to tell it what photos and videos you want backed up. You can automatically back up all your photos in their original quality. Or, if you use a supported app, like Gmail or Facebook, to upload your photos and videos to Drive (Google’s cloud storage system) and save space on your device by backing them up at lower resolution. You can even send pictures from other apps that don’t let you back them up directly by opening them in Google Photos first.

Organize Your Memories

Organizing photos on your computer or an external hard drive can be tedious, especially if you’re working with thousands or even tens of thousands of them. As a result, people often end up with disorganized photo collections where all that’s missing is something like Shredded Wheat’s Mr. Potato Head mascot. Fortunately, when it comes to organizing your photos online, there are two main players: Google and Microsoft (via its OneDrive service). Let’s take a look at both so you can decide which one is right for you—or if both would be more efficient than one!

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Create a Digital Scrapbook

One fun way to use Google Photos is to create a digital scrapbook. To do so, it’s as easy as picking a collection in Google Photos and starting your album from there. By using pictures you’ve already taken and ones you’ll take in future, you can keep track of friends’ milestones like weddings, big birthdays, or sporting events; remember your travels; commemorate holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas; and share your family history with relatives across generations who live in different locations. You can even make an album specifically for different groups of people—say, all your coworkers at work or colleagues at school—and invite others to add photos to your album by sharing a link with them. What will you collect? Be creative!

Get the Most Out of Google Photos
Get the Most Out of Google Photos

Share with Friends and Family Anywhere in the World

If you’re like most people, you’ve shared a few photos with friends and family on Facebook or Twitter, but probably haven’t wanted to share hundreds or even thousands at once. That’s where Google Photos comes in: You can share an unlimited amount of full-size images with other users and can also create albums, which are sharable photo books. (Yes, really!) You can also use shared albums to sync an album across multiple devices, so if your family has accounts for each person on various phones and computers, it’s easy to update a shared album from any device and have everyone else automatically see it.

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