Get fit with Plavini Pranayama Plavini Pranayama What is the name of Plavini Pranayama Plavini, hence the meaning of float is swimming, by the practice of this pranayama, any person can swim like lotus leaves in water, hence its name is Plavini, in Hatratnavali, it is called the posture of Bhujangi Mudra It means that a person can jump on the wave of water without moving his hands and feet. Part of this pranayama can be done sitting in sukhasan or a throne, usually associates do plavini pranayama, who have been doing pranayama yoga for many years, the same person can read plavini pranayama because it requires a lot of experience, its practice has helped her mother-in-law. This pranayama is called Kevali Plavini Pranayama , which can be stopped as per wish.Get fit with Plavini Pranayama The biggest advantage of Pranayama is that you can float like a drop on water after getting successful experience after doing it. Get fit with Plavini Pranayama

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 How to do Plavini Pranayama

 First of all, you sit on Padmasana or Sukhasana, then breathe slowly through both nostrils, after that now hold the breath according to your capacity, then exhale slowly through both nostrils, this process is done once. Do 10 to 15 times and then gradually increase its duration, in which 20 to 30 times can also be done, but after a few days when 15 to 30 days have elapsed in the duration of doing Plavini Pranayama Get fit with Plavini Pranayama

Get fit with Plavini Pranayama
Get fit with Plavini Pranayama

Plavini Pranayama is a very useful pranayama for meditation, after doing this pranayama, you can do yoga meditation in a good way, beneficial for the digestive system, this pranayama is very beneficial in increasing the digestive power. The complaint remains that after doing this pranayama, those problems go away. By doing this pranayama continuously, it is beneficial in aging Helps in providing peace to the mind, keeps the mind stable, removes the thoughts going on in the mind, helps in keeping the mind stable, removes stress, it plays an important role in removing mental stress, which reduces anxiety The man starts to control his anger, this pranayama is very beneficial in increasing the Lakshman power of man, with its continuous practice, the memory power of man is greatly developed and this pranayama is very beneficial in swimming. a lot of water Can stay for a long time without bringing hands and feet

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 Precautions to be taken especially

 Practice this pranayama only in the presence of a yoga expert, the practice of pranayama should always be done in a calm nature, in doing this your stomach should be empty, you should not do that pranam after eating because doing it after food can cause damage to digestion.Get fit with Plavini Pranayama

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