It’s been a long wait, but you no longer have to worry about when the next BGMI Master Series livestream will occur! Here are all the details regarding the event, including the team, format and stream schedule. Get ready! It’s almost time to get your game on! Get Excited for the BGMI Master Series Livestream in 2022!

Why do an online livestream?

One of our biggest challenges as a youth sports organization is that we are limited by geography. As we have grown, it has been harder and harder to reach out to every city, every country with our message: By working together, we can create a better future. For example, cities like Paris and Sydney will almost never have a presence at competitions they helped fund. In order to solve that problem, we are going to do something radical: We are going to livestream our events online so that anyone in any location can watch and cheer on their country’s representatives (in exchange for regular newsletter updates). If you want your home country or city represented at future events but don’t live near a chapter, consider signing up on one of these livestreams!

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Who will be featured?

The featured teams will be The BG-2211 All Stars, as well as TNGG. We have had a change of heart with regard to team selection, and we feel that it is not appropriate to feature any team from 2021. As a result, our selection process has undergone some changes. Now we will feature just two teams rather than three: an All Star Team, and an Unknown Team (A mixture of Minor Leaguers and Drafted players).

Get Excited for the BGMI Master Series Livestream in 2022!
Get Excited for the BGMI Master Series Livestream in 2022!

What can you expect to learn?

Over time, Battle Ground Minor Hockey has realized that a great deal of kids drop out of minor hockey due to a combination of factors. Lack of funding and time often leave players at a disadvantage when it comes to competing against other more organized teams. While BG has enjoyed growing and seeing new faces, we realize that there is work ahead if we want to continue building stronger hockey players who will become leaders in their communities one day. Our mission with Best Gear Minor Hockey Series is to provide as many young athletes across Canada with access to high-level skill development and competition with fellow minor hockey teams from around their region… and eventually, across Canada.

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How will it all work?

The complete BGM livestream is broken down into three parts. First, there’s a pre-show, where I (Jake) will break down everything you need to know about how it all works. Next up is a live show featuring six expert speakers in 6 different fields who will tackle controversial topics and answer audience questions (this section of the stream runs two hours). Finally, there’s a post-show wrap-up with Jake and all of our awesome experts. This last section will feature everyone taking home their favorite takeaways from the show—both philosophical and actionable—as well as their perspective on what they learned at BGM22. In short: it’ll be epic.

Where can you watch the livestream?

The stream will be available on a number of streaming services, including Twitch and YouTube. You can even watch it via your mobile device or on a laptop, though you’ll have to deal with some lag and low quality if you do so. The best way to guarantee you have a high-quality feed is by getting access through one of your home devices (set up an HD antenna if you live near a broadcast tower). If all else fails, ask around; chances are someone at work will let you know about their own plans for watching. The future is now—connect with it.

Get Excited for the BGMI Master Series Livestream in 2022!
Get Excited for the BGMI Master Series Livestream in 2022!

How can you participate and get involved?

The livestream will allow fans to watch games, interact with players and coaches on stream, and give their input about who should be added to or removed from next year’s draft. For instance, if John Doe is having a really great season but you want him on your team he can win you over by showing you why he deserves a spot. Additionally, some of our gaming platforms allow teams to make trades in real time so that—in certain circumstances—you could even make moves during livestreamed events. While more detail regarding our Master Series will be released as we approach launch day (we don’t want to give everything away!), we wanted to make sure all fans know they have plenty of opportunities coming up to get involved early on. Watch out for more news coming soon!

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Why should you subscribe now?

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about our livestreaming event, including that you’ll get to chat with your favorite bloggers during breaks. But there’s a lot of information out there, and it can be hard to parse exactly what’s going on. There’s definitely more than meets the eye: Here’s some information about our livestream event you should know. In 2022, we’ll hold a livestream at 8pm on Friday night that will last until Sunday afternoon. We’re tentatively planning it over President’s Day weekend (Feb 15–18) but we could change that depending on how much team activity needs to happen around then.

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