All the way back in September 2017, IndieWire reported that Gaspard Ulliel was cast as Moon Knight’s villain in an episode of Marvel’s Legion titled Chapter 12. As yet, we haven’t learned anything more about this villain and it seems unlikely we will until after the premiere of Legion Season 2 on April 3rd. For now, here’s everything we know about Gaspard Ulliel as Anton Mogart in Moon Knight… Gaspard Ulliel as Anton Mogart in Moon Knight

What role did Gaspard Ulliel have in Moon Knight?

In Marvel’s original comics, Moon Knight is an ex-mercenary who has developed multiple personalities. One of them, Marc Spector (Moon Knight’s civilian identity), became a bodyguard for heiress Marlene Alraune, but it was eventually revealed that she was part of a cult. Alraune tried to kill Spector after she received an order from a mysterious entity called Khonshu. She failed and Spector began investigating her death.

Who will play Midnight Man in Moon Knight?

Who will play Midnight Man? Gaspard Ulliel could be a perfect fit.

Who is Anton Mogart Moon Knight?

An Egyptian-French billionaire art collector and antiquities dealer who is secretly a drug smuggler and mercenary. He is an old acquaintance of Night Nurse, with whom he has had romantic relationships with (it should be noted that both are manipulative towards each other). He operates from Port Said.

Is Midnight Man and Moon Knight the same?

There’s a number of things you could take away from what I’ve said. You can look at it like Midnight Man and Moon Knight are totally different characters and that’s fine. I think if you took my experience or [series writer] Max Bemis’ experience, we really wanted to make him feel like two sides of one character.

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Meet the cast (other characters)

Set apart from those are more well-known comics that feature extensive casts, such as Spider-Man, X-Men and The Avengers, who have dozens of superheroes with even more villains. Some movies deal directly with a whole team of superheroes – either briefly or with several ensemble scenes – while others focus on one superhero. Sometimes characters are omitted completely or only make brief appearances to reference past events and other times they just don’t fit in at all. Without further ado, here’s our breakdown of which Marvel Cinematic Universe superheroes will appear in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ . . .

Meet our main character

Who is he? What does he do for a living? Any backstory elements you’d like to add? He is Anton Mogart, an archaeologist and wealthy adventurer. Our main character has been many things: a cop, a black market smuggler, and even an extremist. Throughout his career as an entrepreneur in Egypt, our main character has collected artifacts from ancient sites. Layla Martin has visited him several times before on her trips to Egypt and has come to see him as a father figure; ever since her biological father passed away when she was younger. Layla runs into Anton at his estate while vacationing with friends on our heroes birthday party. They both have wonderful talks about life and when it becomes clear that someone sabotaged one of Anton’s most valued artifacts.

Gaspard Ulliel as Anton Mogart in Moon Knight
Gaspard Ulliel as Anton Mogart in Moon Knight

How are they alike?

Gaspard Ulliel portrays Anton Antonio Mogart, a mysterious and powerful private collector who pursues certain artifacts. He has his own agenda for each artifact that he collects, but can go to extreme lengths to retrieve what he wants. He has some history with Dr. Lynn Stewart, because they worked together years ago on a dig at Luxor. They were dating at that time, but have since gone their separate ways when Stewart married someone else. When we first meet Anton Mogart in episode one of Moon Knight we don’t know what kind of character he is, or why he collects artifacts like these ancient Egyptian masks—we do know however that it can be dangerous to cross him! There is definitely an air of mystery surrounding his character…

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Character Relationships and Interactions (with others)

Layla Miller’s father, Frenchie. While not fully elaborated on, it was revealed that Gasmard and Frenchie were old friends when Gasmard worked at a museum in France; they attended an exhibit and got drunk (Frenchie) with Layla’s mother. When Laila woke up she walked out on Gasmard without him knowing why; he was so stunned by her betrayal that he fell into a drunken depression where his drinking resulted in three DUIs, one of which lead to a permanent ban from driving, after which he moved to Egypt to collect antiquities. Prior to learning his history, Frenchie acted coldly towards him but ended up hugging and apologizing for his behavior after finding out about his past.

Actions & Motivations (Why do they do what they do?)

Mogart’s personality can best be described as amoral and ruthless. He treats people around him as toys or tools, sometimes making his employees fight each other for sport. Without any sense of justice, he will kill anyone who gets in his way without even trying to hide it. With such a lack of empathy, it is unclear why he continues to associate with Layla Al-Rouss (aside from her mother’s wealth) or how he attracts loyal followers at all.


The climax of The Twelve Chairs comes when Ostap and his sidekick, Vera, are presented with a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity from a man who says he is an American millionaire. The American reveals that his collection of rare furniture has been sequestered behind a brick wall in Moscow for years. He offers to sell them each one piece of furniture for $10,000 apiece if they can get it out from behind that wall. With no other options, Ostap accepts on behalf of himself and Vera. They begin their task by renting a crane to remove bricks from one section of the wall but after several days without success they decide to purchase another crane and hire some workers to help them remove bricks until they finally reach their goal. However, when they break through into what should be a room full of antique furniture there is nothing there except an empty space where something had been removed recently…and then it hits them: someone else must have already gotten there first!

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Mogart is a collector of antiquities, particularly those with supernatural properties. He has acquired artifacts from several ancient sources. It’s been hinted that he knows more about many of these objects than he should, though his knowledge on some specific items such as Khonshu’s mummy is greater than others. This may be due to his familiarity with an Egyptian cult which was responsible for saving certain relics from degradation and theft. Despite his apparent wealth, it’s been hinted that he can’t or won’t deal with people like The Hood or Taskmaster who have stolen from him in past because they would want to use similar methods to obtain their next items; i.e., stealing them themselves or paying someone else to do so.


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All along, it was Carl Donavis who had been wearing Manticore’s mask and pretending to be Moon Knight. He kidnapped Professor Landers and held him hostage, using his advanced technology to turn Landers into a powerful cyborg with superhuman strength. Using that strength, Landers beat up Donavis and turned him over to Khonshu’s avatar. While Khonshu had appeared content to simply watch people squabble amongst themselves, he decided to punish Donavis because of his blasphemy against Khonshu’s name (having used his name as an alias for other criminal activities). In doing so, Khonshu declared himself satisfied that justice was served.

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