Ella Purnell portrays Jackie Taylor in the 2019 horror movie, Yellowjackets. Jackie is a high school soccer captain, best friend to Shauna, and Jeff’s girlfriend. She was accepted into Rutgers University prior to the crash that changed their lives forever. After the crash, Jackie struggles the most to adapt to life in the new world of terror and fear. In this blog post, we will explore Ella Purnell’s portrayal of Jackie Taylor as she goes from soccer captain to survivor. From Soccer Captain to Survivor: Ella Purnell as Jackie Taylor

Who Is Ella Purnell

Ella Purnell is an English actress best known for her roles in the film Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Maleficent and Sweetbitter. She has also had roles in TV series such as trust, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and The Hive.

In the Netflix original movie The Lost Husband, Ella portrays Jackie Taylor, captain of the Yellowjackets soccer team, Shauna’s best friend and Jeff’s girlfriend. Before the crash, Jackie was accepted into Rutgers University. After the crash, she finds it difficult to adjust to life in the new world.

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Ella’s portrayal of Jackie is a powerful one, showcasing her resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Her performance captures the struggles of an individual trying to make sense of a changed world while dealing with personal loss.

About Her Role As Jackie Taylor

Ella Purnell stars as Jackie Taylor in the hit show Yellowjackets. In the show, Jackie is a high school student living in a small town. She is the captain of the school’s soccer team and best friends with Shauna, as well as the girlfriend of Jeff. Prior to the crash that sends everyone in the town into an alternate timeline, Jackie was accepted into Rutgers University.

After the crash, Jackie finds it difficult to adjust to the new way of life. She is scared and confused by the new world they live in and must find a way to cope with the change. She is determined to stay strong and keep her friends safe as they all try to figure out how to make sense of their new reality. Along the way, Jackie learns about courage, perseverance, and loyalty as she works to find a place for herself in this new world.

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Jackie’s story is inspiring and heartfelt, showing viewers that no matter how difficult things may seem, with courage and determination you can overcome any obstacle. Ella Purnell’s portrayal of Jackie brings the character to life and gives viewers a relatable character they can root for.

High School

Prior to the crash, Ella Purnell’s character Jackie Taylor was the captain of the Yellowjackets soccer team at her high school. She was also the best friend of Shauna and the girlfriend of Jeff. Jackie was a popular student, with many friends and a supportive family. She was well-liked by her peers and teachers, and was seen as an inspiration to those around her. Jackie was active in sports and academics, making it clear that she was determined to make the most out of her high school experience. Despite being popular and successful, Jackie still had to deal with the usual teenage drama and struggles of growing up. She was always there for her friends, offering advice or simply being present when they needed her. Overall, Jackie was a positive role model for her peers and a great asset to the Yellowjackets soccer team.

From Soccer Captain to Survivor: Ella Purnell as Jackie Taylor
From Soccer Captain to Survivor: Ella Purnell as Jackie Taylor

The Crash

The passengers of Flight 828 returned home to a world that had moved on without them. Everyone they knew had changed in the years since their disappearance, and it was difficult for them to adjust to this new reality. For Jackie, she had to come to terms with the death of her loved ones, as well as the fact that her dream of attending Rutgers University had become a distant memory.

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In the aftermath of the crash, Jackie had to find strength and courage to face this new world that she was living in. Despite the tragedy, she found hope in the resilience of the other passengers, and soon realized that together they could overcome any obstacle that lay in their path. Together, they were survivors.

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