You don’t have to be an experienced gamer to appreciate Elden Ring’s wondrous, fantasy world—but that doesn’t mean you’ll actually have fun playing it. The reviewers on Metacritic gave the game an average score of 63, which means almost no one liked it. That’s why there was such a commotion when modders released an Easy Mode patch last week, making Elden Ring much easier and more playable while still keeping the essence of the first-person open-world action RPG intact and enjoyable! From Hard to Easy Mode: Modders Make Elden Ring Easier

Why did the modders do it?

There are quite a few reasons why these modders decided to make an easy mode for Elden Ring. The first and most obvious is that many players simply couldn’t get through some of Final Fantasy 15’s early boss fights. These new easy-mode bosses can be beaten with just a little effort and give even more casual gamers an opportunity to experience FF15’s story with little frustration. Additionally, it may have helped combat no item drops syndrome.

What was changed?

PC Games is a huge market. With millions of PC Gamers every year, game developers and publishers try to produce games for everyone, including children, which includes gamers with disabilities that may require special modes for users. Previously on Elden Ring by FromSoftware and Bandai Namco was a mode called HARD MODE. It proved popular but even in expert mode, players are dying often meaning some have labelled it extremely frustrating and not worth their time.

How can I get this mod?

As far as we know, getting your hands on a copy of easy mode isn’t exactly straightforward. This is because modded PC games are downloaded and installed via third-party services, which aren’t official sources. Plus, it requires you have access to a licensed copy of Elden Ring—so if you’re not willing to pay for an official version of that game, well, you may be out of luck. If you do manage to get your hands on a modded version of Elden Ring though, there’s no reason why you can’t use it with both online and offline play. Just make sure that any mods you download from unofficial sources are legal in your region before downloading them.

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Other interesting PC mods

One of modding’s most powerful features is that it allows fans of a game to adjust content as they see fit. Some mods add new items, abilities, or even entire cities to an established game world; others overhaul core mechanics; still others add entirely new missions and adventures. For PC gamers, there are thousands of mods available online; here are some of our favorites. We also have a guide on how to download and install them. (Note: These mods aren’t endorsed by us.)So what do you think?

What is Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is one of PC gaming’s most hotly anticipated titles, and it’s been making waves since its debut at E3 2019. The game is a Lord of The Rings inspired RPG that seems to blend together gameplay mechanics from Dark Souls and Bloodborne with multiple playable characters—including Bilbo Baggins, Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, and more. It’s kind of weird!

What makes it so difficult?

One of our favorite things about Elden Ring’s combat is that it’s not for everyone—and that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. Even after nearly two decades of action RPGs, in which developers have struggled (often hilariously) to balance accessibility with depth, From Software maintains a commitment to difficulty that rewards players willing and able to tackle more nuanced systems and combos.

From Hard to Easy Mode: Modders Make Elden Ring Easier
From Hard to Easy Mode: Modders Make Elden Ring Easier

What did the mod do?

The Elder Scrolls series of games has always boasted a reputation for being incredibly difficult. Games like Skyrim and Oblivion forced players to play through multiple hours of gameplay just in order to get a sense of what they were supposed to do—and that was often before they even attempted any sort of mission or objective. However, that all changed with Elden Ring’s recent addition of an easy mode, which quickly became one of its most popular features.

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Has anyone made an easy mode before?

If you’re a veteran gamer and want an easier way to play through one of 2019’s biggest releases, here’s some good news. You can now download a mod that makes action-RPG Elden Ring much less difficult. The 1.0.2 update brings in changes that make progressing through From Software’s sequel feel more rewarding and less punishing than before. It also adds new features like a tutorial mode and rebalances several bosses. There are two different versions of the easy mode mod—one for people who have played Dark Souls or Bloodborne before, and another for those who haven’t. Both options are available on Nexus Mods .

Would other games benefit from an easy mode?

Some games are so hard they become unplayable. If a game is too difficult, players may not want to play it. This is where modders come in. They can create an easy mode that makes a game playable for everyone. In fact, there’s even an easy mode for Dark Souls 3 out there if you’re interested in trying it out! Of course, some people might say that adding an easy mode will make games less challenging and more boring. But I would argue that having options is always better than not having them at all!

How popular was this mod?

The popularity of Elden Ring’s Easy Mode mod, which was released around five months ago, is shown by its Steam Workshop page views and endorsements. At present time (as of July 2019), there are over 29,000 page views and 1,200 endorsements on Steam. And as far as its rise in popularity goes since it was released at that same time-span, almost half of its page views were gathered within two months after its release.

What’s next for the modding community?

The modding community is on its feet, waiting for its next big release. Most modders are excited about Skyrim VR and Fallout 4 VR, but some are still looking at their previous projects—Elden Ring. Bethesda’s upcoming title received a lot of hype when it was announced at E3 2018, but after months of anticipation, many PC gamers have been left wondering what’s next for Elden Ring? At QuakeCon 2019, we were able to speak with two prominent members of Elden Ring’s modding community. They told us that they’re currently working on an easy mode for Elden Ring.

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Is there a mod to make Elden Ring easier?

If you’re having trouble with Elden Ring, an upcoming game from Dark Souls and Bloodborne publisher From Software, you’re not alone. A recent mod has taken a popular PC gaming trend—the creation of mods that make games easier in order to appeal to a wider audience—and applied it to From Software’s latest project.

Can you mod Elden Ring?

The modding community has certainly been busy creating modifications for many other PC games, and it doesn’t look like they plan on slowing down anytime soon. The latest game to receive modding love is Elden Ring, courtesy of a dedicated group of talented developers who have decided that making things easier is exactly what they want to do.

Can I change Elden Ring difficulty?

Sure you can, but it’s not quite that simple. The easiest way to change difficulty in Elden Ring is via modding – installing a user-made mod that changes how much damage your enemies do, for example. There are plenty of mods out there for reducing enemy health and damage output (for some reason), so you can play on Easy if you really want. Even with these mods installed, though, even Elden Ring isn’t necessarily easy mode.

Is Elden Ring easier than other souls games?

Elden Ring is now easier than ever with a new mod that reduces enemy health, removes some enemies and makes them incredibly weaker. In case you don’t know what Elden Ring is, it’s an upcoming RPG game by Bandai Namco and From Software that takes place in a giant world known as Eldritch. The game will feature tons of NPCs and let players customize their weapons to create unique battle styles.

Is Elden Ring easier than Sekiro?

Sekiro is already a fairly easy game; however, that doesn’t mean hardcore players can’t make it even easier for themselves. And, if you just want to enjoy some Sekiro without getting your butt kicked all over Japan, you can now play an easier version thanks to a new mod.

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