Flipkart, the Indian e-commerce giant, has partnered with Google Cloud to provide cloud computing services and improve its customer service efforts in India. Under the terms of the deal, Flipkart will be able to use Google Cloud Dataproc, as well as Google BigQuery, to process large amounts of data and improve its service offerings while keeping costs down by using Google’s data centers located throughout India. Flipkart partners with Google Cloud to offer improved customer service

What does this mean for customers?
Customer satisfaction has always been an important goal for Flipkart. With our new partnership, we’re able to use cutting-edge technology and machine learning algorithms from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and others in our Customer Service operations. This will help us deliver a superior experience to customers – faster and easier than ever before. We are excited about partnering with GCP because of their expert technical knowledge, global presence, consistent investment in innovation, security expertise and agility that matches our own ambitions as a business.

Flipkart partners with Google Cloud to offer improved customer service
Flipkart partners with Google Cloud to offer improved customer service

How will this benefit Flipkart?
Flipkart has partnered with Google Cloud and more than tripled its global storage capacity by using object storage, which enables it to manage data-heavy applications efficiently. The company plans to migrate more of its applications and systems over time in order to help support its growing number of online shoppers. By working on improving and enhancing customer service, Flipkart is also likely hoping that it will maintain its edge against Amazon India, which also offers similar services as well as food delivery via a separate subsidiary.

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What is the future like for digital services?
The Flipkart-Google deal is in line with a broader trend that has seen multiple Indian firms offering their cloud services from data centers located abroad, mostly in Singapore. What’s going on here?

Tips to keep your data safe in the cloud
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